Tutorials 79: Simple Leggings

September 18, 2011

I'm going through my girls summer clothes and part of me hates to put away the summer dresses. If you pair it with a good cardigan and leggings they can last all year long! Make It and Love It has a great easy and simple leggings tutorial. My problem is finding cute knit fabric. If anyone has any good knit resources for under $5 a yard I'm all ears!

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Rochelle Barlow said... Best Blogger Tips

I want to know where the cheap knit fabric is too! I hate when they say, oh I just use old T-shirts! I'm still wearing my t-shirts, and plus the ones I have aren't the right kind of material anyway. Grrr

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This year I've managed, some how, to use my daughters summer dresses from last year (3-6months!) as tops for this year (12-18months). I'm now pairing them up with tights, little courdroy shorts and jumpers under them. And then when daughter 2 arrives at Xmas I can start all over again. It would be rude not to! ;) For knits in interesting prints why not check out the larger sized maxi dresses in end of summer sales? A lot of the dresses are jersey knits in fun prints, plus you get quite a bit of fabric.

Trista said... Best Blogger Tips

Go to a thrift store and look for the biggest shirts you can find...you can often get them for $1 each, and that is a LOT of fabric!

Bryana P said... Best Blogger Tips

I have ordered solid knits (no cute patterns) for less than $5/yd on www.fashionfabricsclub.com It takes a few weeks to arrive for some reason :( I was very happy with the quality and am ordering more to finish my project (ruffle duvet cover for queen size bed)

Bryana P said... Best Blogger Tips

I take that back -- they do have some patterns that could be cute for leggings

oh, jenny mae said... Best Blogger Tips

we have a discount fabric shop here in phoenix that i get all my knits from. $2.99/yard and tons of great stuff! mine is called S.A.S. but i would bet other cities have a S.A.S. or something like it.

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

http://www.chezami.com/pa/exp.pa?file=knits&pathcode=fabricshop&sessionid=3BF0JSDWZ07948 sells off their knit fabric for about $3/yd on sale. You have to buy more than one yard, but this is good quality stuff!

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

girlcharlee fabrics has the best knit fabric selection, with MANY under $5/yard.

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