Ideas 23: Furniture Details

August 4, 2011

This looks like an easy way to give character to a boring chair (or table, desk, door, etc.)
Foam stickers then paint! 
Maybe buy some foam sheets and cut a design like this and add to a door or table edge?
Oooo, I think that would look cool.

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**nicke... said... Best Blogger Tips

that is a great idea!

Kellie said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this chair! And then to find out how easy it would be to recreate..what a great start to my Friday! :)

cantilever benches said... Best Blogger Tips

An ordinary chair or bench can be unique if you add a design or paint it over with a unique color to blend well with the rest of your home's features and accessories. This also shows your attention to detail and that you want to put your personal touch to every furniture.

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