Ideas 26: Personalized Paper Bags

August 7, 2011

You can print on paperbags?
Think of all the party possibilities?!

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Sew Good said... Best Blogger Tips

A great idea, with school starting here this week, the kids will get a big kick out of personalized lunch.

the gathering girls said... Best Blogger Tips

this is just awesome...thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What an AMAZING idea! I print on labels, then put them on paper bags for my farmer's market bags of dried mushrooms. I'm going to try this - no more peeling labels!! Thank you!

Craftcherry said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic! I have a bunch of paper bags I can play with!

Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

oooo the wonderfully brilliant things people think of, that once thought of, seem like they should be common sense. :) said... Best Blogger Tips

cute idea. i will be sure to use it since we have so many paper bags and i hate using wrapping paper!

jen said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog! I could use this for birthday party favor bags, as wrapping, to put a note on it for my kids or hubby! You have the best stuff! I have had your button now for some time on my blog

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