Cute Cheap Dress of the Day 13

August 1, 2011

Love this updated 50's style peppermint tulle skirt paired with a fitted sweater.
But shipping is at least $19.99. And increases about $5 for every item you add. 
And not all their stuff you can buy individually. This skirt is one of the items you can buy by piece.
Still, $25.40 for this skirt is not too bad.

5 {comments}:

Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

I just picked up a cream colored tulle skirt at H&M this week - such a cool look :)

nest full of eggs said... Best Blogger Tips

this is sooo beautiful !!! too bad it doesn't come in my size ~ petit & too bad it doesn't come in pink :)
i wonder if there is a pattern to sew something like this???

magdamagda said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like the fluffiness and color! splendid thing to look at anyways!

boldaslove said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute! Are you sure that's the only choice of shipping? I have several options to ship to Australia, including $4 for them to pop it on a boat (and make me wait 90 days) if I wish....

Jenelle said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute skirt, but the vendor looks like an etsy reseller. Too bad :(

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