Update: Triangle Pillow Tutorial Translation

July 8, 2011

A seriously BIG thank you to Olga who translated Wednesday's triangle floor pillow tutorial!
She doesn't have a blog or else I'd link to it but she translated the WHOLE thing from Russian. Olga, you are great;)

I really love these and am thinking about trying them myself. They look easier than the traditional round beanbag pillows. I got out my old beanbags from the basement to put in the new kids room and they were unfortunately ruined. These seem really simple but different!

Here's the tutorial in English:

It says something like this:
Would you like to suggest your guests to relax on original seats? Seating on those pads is unusually comfortable cause polyester inside follow shape of your body.
You need:
-180 x 90 cm upholstery fabric with small narrow stripes for the smaller pillows
- 120 x 240cm upholstery fabrics with wide strips for bigger pillows
-tailor's chalk
-long ruler
-granular polystyrene filling for floor pillow
-polyester thread to match
-silk thread to match
How to sew pillows?

The size of pillows on one side: large - 117cm, small - 87 cm
1. Both pillows make in the same way. Fold the fabric on width in half, and press with your finger fold line. With tailor's chalk mark mark the center of the long edge.
2. Lay out the fabric on smooth and flat surface. Fold
both short edges of rectangle  toward the center,  and mark with chalk on the opposite side of the longitudinal point of the fold.

3. Following the pattern, mark the edges of the fabric on the notation A, A1, Б, Б1,B, B1 and B2 which will guide you while sewing the seams
.4. Fold the fabric with right sides facing each other, so that edges A and A1 be in the same line. With polyester thread sew straight line leaving 1.5cm for seam.(This means to sew edges A and A1 together) Sew that line one more time and then do zig-zag so that fabric doesn't fray. it will strengthen the joints, so they do not burst during use of a pillow.
5. Do the same (sew double straight line and zig-zag  ) with segments(edges) Б and Б1. Then shift a bit, opened part of rectangle so that edge B and edges B1 and B2 be in same line (B1 over first half of edge B, and B2 over second half of edge B) . Sew the first half of edge B and edge B1 together.
6.Turn the pillowcase inside out. Fill with polystyrene and fold inside 1.5cm (the width of your seam) of un-sewn edges (second half of edge B and edge B2). Pin those sides together and sew with invisible st these edges.

Under the image

Seams on the fabrics. Dotted lines shows the triangular faces of the finished pillow.
Note in circle:Do not fill the pillow with polystyrene to the top. When the pillow is on the floor, in the upper corner should be air, so that the balls filler have room to move, otherwise filling will be hard to take the form of a seated body.


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Rainbowtized said... Best Blogger Tips

Yes, Olga. You are awesome. And thanks to you for finding the tute in the first place. I want to make this for my son's room makeover!

Emma said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful ~ thanks Olga!! I'd really like to make these for our playroom.

sweet fashion affairs said... Best Blogger Tips

One day I´m gonna try that too, sewing pillows. Thanks for sharing.


Jennifer Rzasa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Olga!

Asri said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for sharing and thanks to Olga for translating! I pinned it on my pinterest page (http://pinterest.com/pin/59666796/).Thanks again!

Rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

Love these and I want to make some for my son. I have one question about the directions, if anyone can clarify for me. is it sewn with the fabric doubled or is that just for marking purposes?

Bonnie Weeks said... Best Blogger Tips

That's a fun idea. I've been thinking of doing some bean bags.

katie [the bright life] said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay, so glad she could translate! Olga saves the day!! Bookmarking this tutorial for later!! Woo! Xo, Katie

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is awesome, thanks! Any idea how much filler is needed for two sizes?

AddieNCE said... Best Blogger Tips

OMG! This will be so perfect for my boyfriend and me... for cuddling on the floor while plying games on xbox360 ;) THANKS!!!

dnycviatnt said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you cut on the lines you mark A-A1? I am confused is this one piece sewn together or a series of triangles that you mark A through E then cut along the lines (leaving seam allowance) then sew in a particular order - please clarify - I am new to sewing much less making a pattern and then sewing. Thank you so much I enjoy your blog.

Sam said... Best Blogger Tips

So after staring at this for WAY too long, I finally decided to make a trial run from paper before I cut up the fabric I bought. Turns out it is basically a giant fabric version of this paper craft on Prudent Baby:


Once I made the connection, the whole project makes much more sense! I'll let you know if they turn out well!

dnycviatnt said... Best Blogger Tips

To Sam: thank you, looking forward to hearing and hopefully seeing your completed version. I will check out the prudent baby link and ask an upholsterer to help me too. Cheerio

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks so much for the prudent baby link. I tired a mini fabric version using the translated instructions and could not get it to work. I got it now!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for this excellent tute. I made up two of these-one of which gets used daily (the other will be too once we make room for it). Pictures and review here .

munchkin Momma said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this unique bean bag chair. I want to make 2 for my kids.
Is the pattern still available? The link doesn't work for me.
Thank you.

Diana said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi!! thanks Olga for translating & to you for posting it :) I'm really interested in it but the photo is gone :( would you mind uploading it again? thank you so much!

Annika deGroot said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, the pictures have disappeared and I would love to make this pattern. Can you repost the pictures?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

can you please repost the picture. I can't understant the tutorial.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there, did you ever get the pics? I'd be interested in the pattern, too. Cheers, Rosemary

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