Inspiration Kids 2: Play Kitchen

July 1, 2011

Remember all that beechwood furniture from last decade? Well, there's a lot of it still around. At thrift stores, in your garage. If you have something like this waiting for an upcoming yardsale, try making this instead! So creative, right?! Looks just like the $99 ones for sale at Target.

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Bella said... Best Blogger Tips

I paid a fortune for one of those for my little girl - and it was in plastic!
What a creative idea :D

Jessica Stoker said... Best Blogger Tips

Seriously an amazing creation and I never would have thought of it. Thanks for the great ideas.

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips

I did something similar with an old child-sized cabinet. My kids love it.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is the most genius idea I haven 't see before!!! I love it!!!

Sarah C said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW!! I am in love with this! I will have to keep this idea in mind for later.

brittany said... Best Blogger Tips

we did one for our boys this christmas out of an old end table

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

omg when I was a kid i was dreaming about something like this!!!!

Sage Mandzik said... Best Blogger Tips

I just picked up this EXACT cabinet to use as a base for a DIY play kitchen! And then I saw this post. How funny. Now I guess I know it's doable :)
I'll be posting my progress here:

Barbaraparm said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely adorable, but where would one get all the attached pieces, I.e. knobs, sink, etc??

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