Ideas 17: White Washed Palette Coffee Table

July 22, 2011

It looks like Ana White fans are getting in on all this palette love too! This one was submitted to her site by Make It Lovely. You know I think it would be even neater if you went down to your local glass company and bought a custom cut sheet to put on top. If you were even more ambitious you could get glass drill bits and screw it into the wood but I don't think I'd have the courage. Perhaps you could use plexiglass?
This one is also from Ana White and it is made of palettes but I think you might need a little more skill as it is produced from one of her FREE table plans. But in all, the entire table was made for only $2!

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The Extra Ordinary Bree said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh I love them both... but where do you find these palettes?

Jessica@SewHomegrown said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for linking to my pallet coffee table! I recently switched my name from Make It Lovely back to Sew Homegrown - so if you go there, you are still in the right place :)
oh and you can find pallets anywhere - we recently saw some outside Starbucks, asked the manager, and came home with 2 great pallets!

Bless by Tone said... Best Blogger Tips

I used pallettes for my kitchen table:

I love pallettes - I will (once I have some time...) also use it for a headboard.

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