Cute Cheap Dress of the Day 7

July 21, 2011

Found this cute H&M dress for £19.99. Only available for UK customers:( 
But I thought I'd mention it anyway because it's totally cheap and cute and I know there are some UK Grosgrain readers out there.
Also, this YesStyle dress is only $28.80 and adorable. Would look perfect for a carnival shoot.
Use coupon code: TWITTER5 for an additional $5 off.
And one more for ya!
Use coupon code: SAVINGS20 for an additional 20% off your order!

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Samina said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm showing myself to be the old fogey I am, but why oh why are so many of these dresses so short? I wish they'd make cute dresses that aren't quite so short.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree. My guess is that the longer the skirt, the more fabric is used, the more expensive it is. You wouldn't think that 3 or 4 inches would make that much difference but finding a 37" from shoulder to hem as opposed to a 33" from shoulder to hem is much MUCH more of a rarity. And I do try to post those whenever possible.

I did have a neat idea for the short dress dilemma that I hope to be posting sometime soon on Grosgrain. As soon as I get my craft room ready it will be my first project.

Janey said... Best Blogger Tips

I found this the other day:

A dress was too short (and boring) so she added colourful fabric to the bottom of the dress. Not too short anymore!

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