Cute Cheap Dress of the Day 6

July 20, 2011

While I was in NYC yesterday I actually saw a woman wearing this one on the street! Although I've had it bookmarked for about a week to share with you.
And love the sleeves on this loose dress from YesStyle.
Use coupon code: TWITTER5 for an additional $5 off.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

You are killing me with these posts...I have

Emma said... Best Blogger Tips

I am loving these posts and bought the cute yellow dress from Poetrie you featured about a week ago and I love it! I'm not sure about the sleeve detail on the white one here, but maybe it looked nice in real life!?!?!?

Sharde said... Best Blogger Tips

i love these posts too, keep them coming please!

Ash Nichols said... Best Blogger Tips

Those sleeves are amazing!

~ The Tuckerbag ~

Heidi pumpkin pie said... Best Blogger Tips

your photos are missing. did you delete them from google +?

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