Wow 38

June 1, 2011

Well, I love these crochet knee highs. I just don't know how well they'd stay up?
Probably not well. But still, very pretty.

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Rosita said... Best Blogger Tips

I think, that if you want them to stay well, you should stiffen them with starch :)

Rockelle said... Best Blogger Tips

If you were making them, you can add an elastic thread along the yarn at the top and that would help.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

The elastic thread makes sense. But, so does attaching them to a pair tights. They don't seem very warm so that would help.

Adventures of a non-blogger said... Best Blogger Tips

glue stick. I know it sounds funny but I used to use it to keep my socks up. Put the glue stick around your leg where you want the top of your sock to be then hold the sock there for a couple seconds. In Japan they sell actual sock glue but it does the same thing.

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