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May 31, 2011

 If you don't subscribe to Grosgrain's RSS feed or are a blogger follower, you are missing out!
I normally post FIVE times a day on Grosgrain but normally only one featured post will appear on my front page.
To get ALL my posts like this one just subscribe to Grosgrain!
Bing Bang Boom. Done!

Not convinced?
See past non-featured posts.

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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I have always seen your hidden posts, what I would change is the fact that its not a whole post in Google Reader. I dislike the fact that I have to click on every post to see the full post, its a lot of back and forth that can be avoided.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I too see the first sentence of all your posts in Reader...maybe that's something you can fix in your settings, but then again, you miss the whole blog if you just read in the Reader. I have also commented on Kath's beautiful quilt and how much I enjoyed your sweater refashion month but it seems to have disappeared. Looking forward to Semi-Scratch.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I read your blog via Google RSS reader so I had no idea that some of these posts are hidden for non-subscribers :) but good for me :).

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree that it is inconvenient that your posts aren't exposed in the RSS reader. If anyone subscribes, they will have this problem and they can't just go onto your page and scroll down to catch up, they must click from each individual link, multiple times a day. many of us follow multiple blogs, and when you are looking at subscribed posts in a long list, I think often the ones that require extra effort to view get overlooked. which means a lot of subscribers aren't going to click on your hidden posts or visit your page unless they are extremely interested. not to mention, i check my RSS feed via iPhone and I don't like opening multiple links. I'm sure I'm not alone in this but I'm just responding in order to help your website traffic.

Kaleidoscope Eyes 8 said... Best Blogger Tips

I also came on here to complain about the posts no longer being completely visible in Google Reader. I'm considering unfollowing your feed because I hate having to click on every post to see what you have put up. I know for a fact it is a setting in Blogger, and therefore those of us using Reader (or any other RSS Feed follower) cannot change it. Please change it back!

Amy Stevens said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen,
I love your blog but whenever I click to subscribe to Grosgrain I get an error message saying they cannot do this at this time, try again later. Any ideas on how to subscribe another way?

Amy Stevens said... Best Blogger Tips

Whenever I click on your subscribe here links I get an error. I have you in my Google reader though, do I get the hidden posts that way/

SDD said... Best Blogger Tips

I understand if you don't want to put your full content in RSS, but it seems very difficult to read all your posts at your blog. I guess I don't see the point in hiding them from people who are visiting your site? I would definitely visit more if it weren't so difficult.

bruns said... Best Blogger Tips

I came here to second what everyone else said. I am not opposed to jumps in general, but I need more than a sentence to entice me to click out of my reader program and read the rest of the post. (Like laskuh, I do a lot of my blog reading via an app on my phone.) I subscribe to other blogs on Blogger that give me a full summary, so maybe it is possible to switch? Thanks!

Also, I hope this does not sound too complain-y. I really love your tutorials and other posts, and would love to read your blog more frequently. If changing up the feed is possible, then that would certainly be a blessing to several of us here!

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