Free Pattern Month Day 7 - Stories of A to Z: Curtain Apron

May 3, 2011

Today's guest, Beth of The Stories of A to Z, is the craftiest gal you'd ever hope to meet. Her specialty is creating home decor on a budget but every so often she makes a cute piece of no-sew apparel out of some everyday object. Like this cute apron for instance!
(Today's featured pattern after intro)
I came to know Beth's blog through meeting her in person! She and I attended the same local mother's group. Imagine how excited I was to find out that someone else at our table blogged for a living and not just a hobby! You don't find that often especially in everyday life.
 As I mentioned earlier, Beth writes about decorating your living space on the cheap! She bought her city townhouse as an abandoned property and totally gutted and built the interior up from scratch. She had the opportunity to design the floor plan, every fixture, every piece of hardware, every knob. So you can imagine how deep her passion for her home lies.

 All of that board and batten (second photo) was installed by Beth and her husband. Cheers for having the patience! See the tutorial here.
If you too love a good budget DIY follow her blog too!
Her ideas are so inventive and creative. And of course her home is just the same! I love how Beth takes these ordinary rather outdated or drab pieces that you would find on the curb and turns them into something really worth complimenting!

I thought her recent Pottery Barn look alike coral tutorial was just so genius!
Materials from Walmart!
 And her lighting solutions are so inspired!
Above and below.

As I got to know Beth over the past year I've come to know her as not just a blogger but a friend. I am so lucky to have someone like her living so close to me. 
But please, let me allow Beth to take it away!
 Making Curtains into Aprons
When Kathleen asked if I'd like to participate in her Free Pattern Month, I might have looked over my shoulder to see if she was actually talking to me!  My sewing skills are not exactly what I'm known for on my blog.  I'm notoriously more comfortable with hot glue and hem tape than with needle and thread.  

So please forgive me for not having an actual pattern for you today.  Instead, I'm going to show you how to create hostess aprons out of thrift store curtains!  For this project, you will need the following:
  • 1 cafe curtain. 
  • 1 yard of ribbon.
  • Very limited sewing ability.

That's it!

I found this panel below while thrifting with Kathleen and it was long enough to create a nice wraparound apron.  

To create the apron:
  • Thread a ribbon through the top of the panel (where the curtain rod would go).
  • Wrap the curtain around your waist and mark where to place your "wraparound hole".
  • Cut a slit for your wraparound hole and sew a button hole.
  • Sew the edges of the ribbon to prevent unraveling. Voila! You now have yourself a cute apron. 

Below is another hostess apron that I created using an even simpler technique.  For this one I folded one of the long curtain panels in half and sewed a seam down it to make a "double ply" apron.  I stuffed a grosgrain ribbon into my seam, scrunched up the fabric to give it a bit more interest and "flounce" and sewed the ribbon into place.  I also sewed the ends of each ribbon to keep them from fraying. 
Thank you Kathleen for allowing me to share today!  My motto for everything I do is if I can do it, you can do it.  Therefore, I hope many of you will stop by and visit me sometime at A2Z to see all that you can do!  
Thank you Beth for taking the time out of what I'm sure is your very busy day!

Tommorrow stop by Grosgrain to see what Gretchen from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing has to offer.
Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

 Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

5 {comments}:

Christa said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny, I bought a few curtain panels to show my Sunday school girls how to make easy aprons, too! :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Good Grief! Why hadn't I thought of that! What a great idea!

Tabitha said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome, Beth! It's great that there's very little sewing needed. (I have very little sewing skills myself.) And on top of that, the apron is adorable! Thanks for sharing! :-D

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much ladies :). And thanks Kathleen for allowing me to crash your Free Pattern Party! I'm humbled to be in the mix of such fabulousness!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Beth is the female MacGyver in the blogging world!

- Deborah

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