Free Pattern Month Day 25 - Whip Up: Cozy Cross Couch Throw

May 27, 2011

I know it's "technically" our final day of Free Pattern Month but I have one or two more added on guests to wrap up the month next week. So not to worry, I also have a couple announcements next week so stay tuned for some fun news.

This fantastic Friday, please welcome the multi-talented Kathreen of Whip Up!
(Today's featured pattern after intro.)
I found Whip Up pretty early on in my blogging beginnings.  She has a fantastic blog that hosts a community of crafters who offer tutorials, roundups, book reviews and one awesome weekly newsletter.
Each magazine is filled with really interesting crafts, printables, gardening, cooking, you name it! The philosophy for Action Pack is all about inspiring kids to be creative, to develop and nurture healthy habits, and to feed inquisitive minds, and challenge imaginations. ‘Action Packs’, are for busy parents and creative energetic kids.
 One of the great things about Whip Up is that there's so much content! Going through her past newsletters, tutorials and magazines could keep you occupied all day!
 Kathreen lives in Canberra, Australia, with her husband, two small children, chooks and fish, in a purple house with a bright red door.

She says, "I spend my days in various ways, alternating running chaotically and calmly between mothering, making and being. My crafting activities began at my mothers and grandmothers feet, both very practical women.  I am into fabric, – it is my secret pleasure, I love colour and design and making clothing. I make clothes and bags for my kids, friends and the occasional market stall. I also experiment with quilting, and creature making and more practical things like covering couches and making curtains."
 Her other major passion is photography, she has an honours degree in visual arts and photo-media. She loves self portraiture. She studied Mandarin at Uni and spent a year in Beijing discovering her love for photography.
And of course, I can't forget to mention Kathreen's first book: Whip Up Mini Quilts! In it Kathreen presents more than 20 contemporary quilts from across the globe in a charming, easy-to-follow guide. The projects collected in Whip Up Mini Quilts cover all sorts of themes and looks. With plenty of step-by-step instructions and helpful how-to illustrations, her book showcases an artful approach to design basics while outlining the fundamentals of quilting techniques.
Thank you Kathreen for being a part of Free Pattern Month on Grosgrain! It's an honor to have you with us today!
Now this is where I let Kathreen do the talking.......


Cosy Cross Couch Throw
This modern with a vintage touch couch throw (final size of approx 1 x 1.25m) is made from an assortment of linen/cotton blend fabrics with a soft cosy back. Feel free to use whatever materials you have on hand - I used an assortment of Japanese linen cotton fabrics, a soft man-made fluffy fabric on the back and various linen and cotton scraps in shades of purple and mauve.

You will need:

Main front fabric (1.10m x 90cm / 35 x 40 inches)
Fluffy backing fabric (1m x 1.25m / 39 x 49 inches)
Scraps of fabric
Sewing thread
Embroidery thread
Optional: Vintage doily, linen tape (1m / 39inches)

Sewing machine
Ruler + pencil
Hand sewing needle + thimble + pins

[Note: Press seams open as you go each step of the way.]

Step 1. Cut your scrap fabrics into pieces 15cm / 6 inches wide and of various lengths. Machine sew these together, to make 2 strips (1.25m + 95cm / 49 + 37 inches ). Trim the strips to an even width.

Step 2. Make your off-centre cross design by cutting your main fabric a third in from one side. Sew one of the scrappy strips to one edge and then reattach the other section. At right angles to the first strip of fabric, cut a third in from the edge and sew in the other scrappy strip in the same way. (Optional) Sew on your linen tape and doily by machine. Here I have sewn the linen tape down one of the strips and attached the doily onto one corner.

Step 3. Trim your top piece square. Lay out your fluffy backing material right side up. Place your patchwork top face down onto this fabric. Straighten up the edges and pin all around. Machine sew all around the edges, leaving a 15cm / 6 inch opening on one side. Turn the throw right side out by putting your hands into the opening and pulling out the corners. Pin the opening closed, and top stitch all around the perimeter about 1cm / 1/4inch in from the edge - this will also close the opening at the same time.

Step 4. Lay your patchwork throw out and pin to hold the 2 layers together. Take your embroidery thread and needle and hand-sew a running stitch parallel to the strips, to hold the layers together, 2 rows of stitches is enough, but if you enjoy hand sewing feel free to do more.

Now snuggle under with your favourite book and a nice cup of tea and enjoy your creative efforts.

By Kathreen Ricketson from

Thank you Kathreen for sharing your pattern! Makes me long for a cold winter night and hot cocoa;)

Spread the word! It's a 30 day FREE for all!

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Wow !!!!It was so beautiful . Good like.

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