Free Pattern Month Day 18 - Vivat Veritas: Scallop Waist Skirt

May 18, 2011

Please give a warm welcome to today's guest Chie of Vivat Veritas!
(Today's featured pattern after intro.)

I found Chie's blog through her posting her lovely pieces on Grosgrain's flickr boards or through her features on Burdastyle. I'm not quite sure which one it was. But either way, I was hooked.
She is a genius with the sewing machine who designs her own clothing. Recently she started her own clothing line! All of this AND having a baby this past year! She's quite an inspiration.
I love how her clothes look amazing from the front AND back.
She always on the front pages of Burdastyle and for very good reason!
 Chie is a japanese seamstress based in Tokyo. Fashion, sewing and blogging began as little side hobbies when a friend lent her a basic sewing machine to make a few household odds and ends. Over the next few months she tried her hand at sewing some pieces for personal use. 
As she sewed more she began documenting her progress and blogging about various aspects of her sewing life. Over time the small side hobbies grew into the Vivat Veritas clothing line and a beloved part of her everyday life.
Lotus Flower romper left.
Thank you Chie for joining me for Free Pattern Month. You are one of the most talented seamstresses I've encountered in the blogosphere. I feel so fortunate to have you with us today.
Chie, take it away!
Hello Grosgrain readers! I'm Chie from Vivat Veritas, and I am
happy to be able to share my creation for Grosgrain's free pattern
month. Grosgrain is one of my favorite blogs for sewing inspiration
and I'm so excited to be part of it!

For my part this month, I am writing up a tutorial for a scallop waist
skirt. I'm a big fan of scalloped edges in clothing. I was greatly
influenced by 2010 Marc Jacob's resort collection, seen here.
The skirt is high waisted, and the upper part of the waist band is
scalloped. I just had my daughter in April, and while I was pregnant,
I wore a lot of jersey dresses and baby doll style dresses. I love
dresses, so it was fun, but I did miss wearing some separates. Now my
bump is gone, I'm all about wearing clothes that mark the waistline!

This was my first time making a PDF pattern, so if anything is unclear
or if you have any suggestions, please contact me through my blog:)

Pattern printing instructions:

Download the pattern here (vvscallop waist skirt pattern)
The pattern should be out on 15 sheets with a thin frame. The pattern
is set for printing on A size4 paper. The 15 pieces will fit
together and can be glued or taped together according to the triangle
signs (1a, 1b, 2c…etc). ½”. Seam allowances are included, except for
the top of the waist band (scalloped edge part) which has ¼” seam


❤ 1-2 yards of fabric. I recommend using a fabric that is a medium
weight polyester or rayon mix. I would avoid fabrics that are easily
wrinkled (such as 100% cotton), very light and/or very heavy weight
materials and jersey type fabrics that have significant stretch.
❤ 9” invisible zipper
❤ Thread
❤ Fusible (iron-on) interface for waist band

Cutting Instruction:

❤ Waist band – Cut 2 with center folded
❤ Skirt piece – Cut 1 with center folded
Sewing Instructions:
  1. Cut 1 fusible interface, center folded for waist band. Cut the
    interface ¼” smaller on top, and ½” smaller on sides and bottom.
  2. Iron the interface on one of the waist band pieces (you only need
    one interface piece).
  3. Pin the bottom line of the waist band with interface and and the
    top line of the skirt piece with right sides facing together. Sew the
    waist band skirt piece together.
  4. Place the other waist band (the one without interface) on the
    waist band with the interface with right sides facing. Pin, and sew
    the top of the waist band, where the scalloped edge is. Use a smaller stitch choice of
    your sewing machine, so you can skip clipping the curves. I used
    stitch setting “2” on my sewing machine.
  5. Turn the waist band inside out, so the wrong sides of the waist
    bands are facing.
  6. Iron the waist band. First iron from the inside of the waist band
    (wrong sides of the fabric), and then press the scalloped edge from
    the right side.
  7. Sew in an invisible zipper. Place the zipper from the top of the
    waist band and sew, using an invisible zipper foot. Then sew the rest
    of the side together.
  8. Pin the end of waist band (without interface), excess of the
    zipper, and the other waist band (with interface) together, and sew to
    the bottom end of the waist band. Turn the waist band inside out.
  9. Hem the skirt. For this half circle skirt, I think narrow a hem
    (or baby hem) works the best so we won't have to deal with easing in
    the fullness on a wider hem. Fold ¼” from the hem line and stitch the
    outer edge. Clip the excess fabric. Fold
    again for ¼”, and iron. Then top stitch on the stitch
    you just sewed.

Thank you Chie for taking the time out of your new role as mommy to offer such an amazing pattern for Free Pattern Month. I really appreciate your hard work! Your effort shows through in everything you do!

Stay tuned tomorrow for Sachiko from Tea Rose Home!

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Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

This is super cute! Thanks for including some patterns for us grown up ladies, too!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful skirt, but is anyone else having issues downloading the pattern? It says there's nothing at that location

Min said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for this pattern! This is really adorable. I would love to make it but I cannot download the pdf. Is anyone else having problems with this.

LakshmiRP said... Best Blogger Tips

I love scallops. I have used them at hemlines, will try the next one in waistband. Thanks for the inspiration

Adithis Amma from Adithis Amma Sews

Fanny said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm also having a problem downloading the pattern... Error 404...

lili ash said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cute skirt! I love Chie's other projects- the crab dress is such a cute use of print. I will definitely be sewing some scallops in the near future...

Leah Franqui said... Best Blogger Tips

I love this pattern, and Chie's projects, but I can't download it either!

Tanjia said... Best Blogger Tips

I also can't download it or see it. Awesome tutorial, though. Excellent pictures and beautiful skirt.

Popbabe7 said... Best Blogger Tips
This comment has been removed by the author.
Casey Maura said... Best Blogger Tips

This is so, so pretty Chie! I am going to download the pattern and add it to my list of things to sew this spring! :) Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

- Casey

Casey Maura said... Best Blogger Tips

Just a note: the link isn't working properly for the download. The correct link should be:

- Casey

dana said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool! Love the scallop on top!

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah,cheers Casey that link worked great and I was able to download the file :)

This is a clickable version of the correct link Casey provided to Chie's lovely pattern:

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

Just a thought - as much of the hemline is along a biased edge, would it be best to hang the skirt up for 1-2 days to let it drop before then trimming and sewing the hem-up? :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful! thanks for the tutorial, and congratulations on your baby girl!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry guys, I just got back from my daughter's morning swim class and read your comments about the broken link.

But thanks to @Claire (aka Seemane) for finding the correct url!!!! I changed the link. It should be working now.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I usually don't like scallops but I would definitely wear this! Another idea I'll be bookmarking for later.

hello. said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm loving the different skirt patterns. this skirt is very pretty + chie's pretty garden party dress is killing me. i love it!!

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Love the scallop on top!!

Kasey McKay said... Best Blogger Tips

i have been sewing for my children lately, but this precious skirt is so inspiring i think i might try something for myself!

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute! Love it. :)

Leah Franqui said... Best Blogger Tips

Um, now I can't load it, can anyone help me out?

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks really beautiful. I'm gonna try it. (once) I have a pattern for an A-line skirt on my blog but this looks so beautiful for my daughter. Thanks.

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kathleen Frances
Kathleen - it was actually Casey not me who found the correct URL, I just re-copied her link and made it clickable LOL! :)

serenaisis said... Best Blogger Tips

That's amazing, I've been thinking about making something like this, thank you!

I was thinking of making this with a wool coating fabric, do you think that's appropriate?

Jess @ polka dots, Paris and paint said... Best Blogger Tips

So need a sewing machine! Its a beautiful outcome but looks pretty complicated for my simple sewing skills.

Lorena Guerra said... Best Blogger Tips

hmm i'm still having trouble with that link.

Chie - Vivat Veritas said... Best Blogger Tips

hi! thank you kathleen for featuring my skirt:) i love it!

here is the direct link to the PDF pattern:

also here is the link to my blog post that has a link to pdf pattern:

hope this helps!

Chie - Vivat Veritas said... Best Blogger Tips

if the link is still not working, please email me at, and id be happy to email you the pattern!


Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

so beautiful! I love scallops. :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely skirt Chie, thank you for sharing!

HipDroppedStitches said... Best Blogger Tips

I love, love, love, love this skirt! I'm not sure I own a blouse that would work with it, but I believe I am now on the search for one...

Jonna said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome, thanks for sharing! She seems to be very talented, I'm going to check out her blog now :)

Jonna xx

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

well well well :) I've been following VV's blog for about half a year - I found it via Burda website.

Lissa said... Best Blogger Tips

Can't download this pattern, but definitely want to!

NoirGirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to say that I made this skirt and am so happy with the results! Thanks so much, Chie for giving us the pattern. It's a gorgeous skirt!

My post about the skirt is here:

Miss Lindy Lee said... Best Blogger Tips

That was a qute skirt, love the scallop waist! Will try to do this tonight!

binboy said... Best Blogger Tips

seo forum

i cant anything about this post. it contains lots of information. i had much fun reading it. gave me lots of insights. keep up the good work. keep posting more of these.

TheCloudsGloomOver said... Best Blogger Tips

DO you know of any Scalloped hemline patterns?

lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this skirt. Making it for my granddaughter. I know this is way late but did you have trouble with the scallops not fitting close to the body? I have the waist line seam at the waist and the scallops are not close to the body. Wondering if it is just my mannequin. Thanks.

lizzie said... Best Blogger Tips

@TheCloudsGloomOverI know this is way late but
did you have trouble with the
scallops not fitting close to
the body? I have the waist line
seam at the waist and the scallops
are not close to the body.
Wondering if it is just my
mannequin. Thanks.

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