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April 14, 2011

Leah has the best inspiration!

I have two options for a wedding dress and the outcome will have a lot to do with the venue. 

But one of my ideas is a retro feel, like this top with this shape. Not the skirt and not the same material or cut of fabric but the same 'shape' if that makes sense.

I really do love this look though. I can't wait to finally have enough time in my life to really sit down and start planning! 

If you like it too I believe it is for sale. See the link below.

Source: via Leah

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Clara said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my goodness. I love that. I need to put this away in a folder somewhere...

HarmlessColor said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful...really really fantastic.

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I really love it!

Brandy Layton said... Best Blogger Tips

In my favorite folder. My hubby and I will have the wedding of my dreams. Due to being deployed a short 6 months after being home from a previous deployment we married in the courthouse. So this would be more like vow renewal that is like our first wedding. Beautiful

bereniki said... Best Blogger Tips

i love this dress!!!!!!!!!!! do you think this is for sale? i can't see the link you mention.... please if you know how i can find this dress help meeeee i love it!!! :)

bereniki said... Best Blogger Tips

i love this dress but i can't find out if whether it is for sale? can you help me please? i can't see the link you mention.... this is so beautiful!

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