Photo Shoot Concepts 11

April 18, 2011

If you're fairly new to photography then perhaps you've never heard of a speed light. But it turns your ugly flash ruined shots into perfection.

Normally when you are indoors and you use your flash the outcome is a dark background with your subject fully lit. It's NEVER flattering or for that matter an accurate depiction of the scene. A speed light basically aims the light away from your subject. See this great example. And this one.

Speed lights can be pricey. But if you want to experiment with the look without the price try this on for size: a simple white piece of cardstock. Totally inexpensive....or free....and fast. 

If you want something even better try this. Pretty inexpensive for the results. Even though I have a speed light I'm considering purchasing this because it's light weight and requires no batteries. And from the one review, it sounds like it gets speed light quality results or better! It says it's for sony DSLRs but fits on a hot shoe. Wondering if it would fit a Canon?

I bet, if you were innovative enough you could even make one yourself with a travel mirror and 
black cardstock. Perhaps I'll try a tutorial.

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Kelley said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for the tip... that happens to me all the time and just figured it was a fact of life when shooting inside.

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

That is a great tip - thanks so much for posting it Kathleen :). I just this second tried the white carboard trick with my cheap pocket-sized Lumix camera (I cut out a tiny bit of cardboard and temporarily stuck it on with a tiny bit of masking tape) and it worked a treat! Not in the league of results given in the links you gave, but still waaaay better than my usual indoors-at-night-under-the-lightbulb-effort LOL!

AmyBean said... Best Blogger Tips

I made a diffuser out of the bottom of an empty rubbing alcohol bottle. It works fairly well -- not as well as a lightscoop, but way better than a bare flash. There are all kinds of DIYs for making scoops on the web if you don't want to shell out the cash. I've just been too lazy to make an actual scoop. :-P

Loren said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the tip! I knew there must be a cheaper way than buying an expensive flash. I will definitely be trying this!

Mandy McDonald said... Best Blogger Tips

The Gary Fong puffer works great too.

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