Top 10 Big Ticket Items Every DIYer Should Own: day 8

March 30, 2011

Since we're on the topic of craft rooms. I think I should mention another nice amenity that deserves a post of it's own.
A Deep Utility Sink.

Okay, if you ONLY sew, this might not be for you. But, I've found that even in my sewing, a utility sink has been useful, like when I'm dying fabric. The sink in my upstairs half bath is what I use when I'm working. It's just an ordinary bath sink but now it's stained with dye and yudu materials.

Having something that you can really sink your arms into is amazing. Recently, I've been making my own fabric with my silkscreener and trying to work in a 10" deep sink is surprisingly frustrating. My old house had a deep (and dirty) sink in the basement which little did I know came in handy more often than I realized.
Source: via Emily
Now, the sink is not necessarily the 'big ticket' part. You can find deep sinks for fairly inexpensive. Of course there are more pleasing to the eye options out there for quite a lot. I guess it really depends on how often other people are going to see the space and how much you care about the way it will look.

If you don't want to change you existing half bath sink for a utility one, you might have to enlist a plumber to help you install new pipes and drains. That's where the 'big ticket' part might come into play. BUT, if you already have the plumbing and don't care about looks as much this could potentially be a place where you can cut corners in a craft budget.

One option is to install a deep utility sink in a laundry room. That's a great place because it can serve as a hobby/laundry sink. Below is a nice way to dress up a cheap polypropylene utility sink.

Another option would be to dress up an inexpensive utility sink like above. This sink alone only costs $27. 

If you don't have means to hire a plumber another option might be to use one of the inexpensive freestanding sinks outdoors and use the hose as your means of running water.

It may not be perfect but you can use it 6 months out of the year.

Finally another option could be to make your own. This is my favorite idea. How cool is this?! All you would need is a stainless steel tub with a hole for draining and a stand to put it on. The plumbing is of course separate but it looks really interesting, right?! I wouldn't mind having guests see this in my laundry or craft bathroom!

This is the one thing of the 10 big tickets items that I currently do NOT have. But boy I'd like to have one. Perhaps I can try the outdoor hose freestanding $27 one on my deck? It would make for a cute buffet cart/ice bucket/craft sink all in one!


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Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said... Best Blogger Tips

I love all those options. I could defintly use a bigger sink. Think big enough to stick the toddler in before letting her loose in the house, LOL!
~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 
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Babycakes said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that last sink, made of the stainless steel tub - it's so unique and rustic looking!

Kate said... Best Blogger Tips

Funny that this is posted today. I have been obsessed with getting a utility sink. One of my main hobbies is painting. It totally SUCKS to have to use the kitchen sink to clean up my paint stuff. Sadly, I have no where to put one. I will simply have to sell this house and buy a whole new one. Yes, it's just that simple.

Hannah said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for all the tips. Loving that tub as a sink! I've got giveaways going on this week, so be sure to stop by.

Caroline said... Best Blogger Tips

The tub-as-a-sink idea LOOKS great, but a word of caution: Without a mechanism to allow air out of the pipes as water goes down, you can have a serious drainage issue. The little hole on the wall of sinks serves this function.

Trust me! I know from experience. The contractor who remodeled our apartment complex thought it would be cool to use regular old stainless steel kitchen bowls as bathroom sinks. Well, things can get messy (and gross) when it takes forever for a sink to drain!

April said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my gosh that turquoise room is to die for and I LOVE the galvanize sink...

Rebekka Seale said... Best Blogger Tips

The LAST ONE! Oh my goodness, now I really want to do that in my bathroom!

M and E said... Best Blogger Tips

Lol! I bookmarked that galvanized tub sink last month! Such a cute idea!

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I so wish you had posted 9 and 10!! I'm eager to find out the last two. These are such great necessities and I'm so excited to hear your advice about them!

erwicker said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that last stainless laundry sink.

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the wrought iron sink stand and the galvanized tub. Where would you purchase the sink stand?

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