Hula Hoop Rug

March 18, 2011

Hula hoop rug. AAAAND it's made out of recycled tee shirts. It just doesn't get much craftier than that.

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Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said... Best Blogger Tips

saw this at Luvinthemomihood this morning - love it!! Already bookmarked :)

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips

wow. People are so creative!

Brittany Rivers said... Best Blogger Tips

I absolutely love it....I love seeing what people do with their creativity. It reminds me of the Yummi felt rug on Etsy that I found a little while back-

Isn't that neat??

Rebekah said... Best Blogger Tips

Fantastic! They mention using embroidery hoops as an alternative to the hula hoop. Wouldn't it be cool to do lots of, say 12-inch, circles and then join them all together randomly to make a big rug? I think I'm going to try this!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips


That's a GREAT idea.

Megan Gery said... Best Blogger Tips

Love, love, LOVE this idea!

liza jane said... Best Blogger Tips

I saw that in Family Fun magazine recently. I thought it would be really cool to make the smaller embroidery hoop weavings and sew them around a big hula hoop weaving-- like a big flower!

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