Shoe Sugar Month: Day 6 Lucy Balls

January 10, 2011

Could this one be more simple? Simple but sweet.
Any kind of artificial flower in the shape of a sphere will look good singing solo on the top of a shoe. Has a nice pompom effect. This is a "Lucy Ball". I think the technique word for the flower is Allium.

If you were only using it for a day (like a wedding) you could even use a "real" flower. I've read that hairspray can help to keep fresh cut flowers looking fresh. Makes sense.
If you had a couple smaller sphere looking flowers you could also pair them in threes and add a leaf or two on the side.
Pair with a spring green dress like this one.

1. Cut stem off of plastic flower.

2. Cut out a felt circle and hot glue to bottom of flower

3. Glue on clip. Done.

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Vanessa/NessieNoodle said... Best Blogger Tips

last month with the sweaters was fun, but this month with the shoes? I am LOVING it. so easy and so much stinkin' fun!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

They look like the pompoms that Tinkerbell has on her shoes.

Freckled Franny said... Best Blogger Tips

This may sound stupid (I know, I know...there are no stupid questions), but I am wondering if the clips leave marks on your shoes?

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

okay so i have two questions...where did you get the flowers, just micheals or somewhere?
second, the alligator clips that you use...have you worn the shoes with them attached to them yet?? and if so do they work out okay i mean hurting your foot wise as they are different from most of the shoe clips that are used? thanks!J

nest full of eggs said... Best Blogger Tips

simply brilliant !

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

In reference to the clips:
I am using alligator clips because they are easy to get here. BUT I would recommend using these clips:
Click on this link.
They are specifically for shoes.

And yes, sometimes the alligator clips can hurt. Really it depends on how far from your toes the rounded inside part of the shoe is.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

When are you going to do your next frock by Friday? I really love that series!

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