Aaron is Answering Your Questions

January 27, 2011

Aaron Wood who I've wrote about a couple weeks ago is starting a new discussion on his blog and/or youtube account. If you want to ask him any question about being a quadriplegic he's open for discussion.

I think it's also cathartic and therapeutic for him to keep posting and he says no question will be offensive or embarrassing. See him answer the first question here.

Email questions to: aarons.journey@hotmail.com

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Cynthia said... Best Blogger Tips

Aaron- you rock! Thank you for being willing to educate everyone on what it is like and how to gracefully work through the special challenges that come with quadrepeligia (totally spelled that wrong!)

I have had the honor of accompanying, in small ways anyway, a friend through a similar journey. He's still on the journey and always will be but I've gotten to see him transform himself. From a kid who barely graduated from high school to a college graduate with a beautiful wife. When we met, he was wishing he could die and he just found the most amazing internal power to fight through that and build a life that is in many ways better than the one he had. It is a miracle on earth!

May God bless you for all you are doing to raise awareness and connect with people.

Rachel Cairns said... Best Blogger Tips

Video wouldn't play for me, but I did view the initial q&a questions. Thanks for sharing.

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