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November 11, 2010

Dry Shampoo. Have you heard of it? You skip the shower, you spray it on, you're out the door. So I did some research. Batiste had good reviews and I could easily buy it at Sally's. But what I found was that I didn't really like the way it made my hair all gray. Weird. Plus it's kinda pricey and goes really fast. Not that you should be using this stuff everyday but I used mine maybe 4 or 5 times and the canister feels almost empty.

So I just saw Petite Elefant's interesting tutorial on how to make your own dry shampoo via Freshly Picked. I'm so kinda curious about whether or not this would work I might try it if I can manage some free time (meaning probably not:).

Have any of you had any luck with other brands of dry shampoo? Tresemme has a new one out now too.

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Sally said... Best Blogger Tips

I bought this stuff at Sephora: because it was the only stuff they had that didn't have scary ingredients like butane (WTF?!). I like the way it smells, but I have to say, I've used straight cornstarch or baby powder, and they all work equally well.

Claire (aka Seemane) said... Best Blogger Tips

I've used the Batiste one loads, the original version works best for blonde hair (I'm a brunette LOL). Over here in the UK they've brought out versions for Brunette, and also for Black hair - which have a tiny bit of make-up type of colour in them (not dye I hasten to add!) - the colour means I don't get that dusty-grey effect on my head.

I found the sprays very good for when I had a heavy straight fringe (bangs) - as it seemed to get all nasty & greasy really quickly waay before the rest of my hair went funky - and I could just spray onto my hair brush (I have a densely bristled brush - not the kind with the little round bobbles on the ends) and brush it through my fringe - I'd do that maybe 2-3 times over and then a light spritz of hairspray & my fringe could last 1-more day before the next wash! :)

brite said... Best Blogger Tips

I've done the baby powder or cornstarch thing on my hair when I didn't have time to wash it...but it works better because I have lighter hair. I didn't know it was a fad! My sister tried a product that was tinted darker, which might get rid of the gray effect.

Ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd heard about Batiste too but opted for the cheaper Tresemme version. Not impressed. I only use it in a real bind when my hair only has to look good for a few extra hours, not a whole 'nother day. Beyond that it just gets ick!

Maggie said... Best Blogger Tips

I use the Batiste and I like it. Although, my hair is on the drier side, so I don't need too much, but it gives a little lift to the roots. I wish it had a great smell though. I think I will try the tresemme. Making my own is never gonna happen, no time for that.

Domanique said... Best Blogger Tips

I love love love Kenra's dry shampoo. I'm a cosmetologist so I get it at cost. But it doesn't leave and white residue, unless you spray way too much on. It even gives you a little bump of texture.

jill/laughbutnotloudly said... Best Blogger Tips

I ADORE dry shampoo. My hair is really oily, so it requires frequent washing, but every-day washing made it completely lackluster. About two years ago I discovered the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo at Sephora. I use it every other day to cut down on washing and it doesn't leave any weird powdery residue or white flakes behind. LOVE IT. It's kind of pricy, but one bottle lasts me about 4 months, so it's definitey worth it.

Rebekah said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried the new Tresseme dry shampoo and came to the same conclusion as you -- not great for raven-haired beauties. So I gave it to my mom, who *does* have gray hair. I think it will work great for her. I'm going to check out that recipe you linked to. Thanks!

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

I had the same problem with a can of dry shampoo I bought, it was used up in just a few uses. If I skip a wash, I'll put a bit of baby powder into my hair. Don't pour it straight on, just put it on your hands and then rub it in. It absorbs any extra oils and just brush it through. You can skip a few washes that way :)

Galadriel said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen,

I occasionally use just plain dry cornstarch on my hair. Just rub it in, then comb it out. Looks and feels shampooed. It works for me, but I don't know if it works for everyone; still, no harm in trying, right?

Julie said... Best Blogger Tips

I've tried dry shampoos and haven't liked the result... but in keeping with the no shampoo revolution, I've started washing my hair with 100% natural handmade goatmilk bar soap and rinsing with apple cider vinegar/water every second or third day... no more itchy dry scalp; my hair looks the same as it always has yet it doesn't dry out like it did with commercially made shampoo... LOVING the change... no more harsh chemicals, YAY!!!

Madame Awesomepants said... Best Blogger Tips

I've heard of it, and used it actually, but I've found that plain old baby powder works just as well. You have to rub it in really well to get the grayish look out, but otherwise, I actually like my hair better on those days I use it because it has more texture and volume.

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips

i am a huge dry shampoo user. totally can't be bothered with blow drying every single day, plus my hair is flat, and often looks better with a little "dirt" in it. mine is called rockaholic, and the fine spray makes it last a while, though it's expensive. i'll definitely try this though for traveling, since my big aerosol can makes me check my bag.

Kayla Moncur said... Best Blogger Tips

I love my Batiste spray. I usually only need it on my bangs though so my one can has lasted forever. I saw that recipe this morning though and will totally be trying it after my can runs out! I'm kind of wondering if I'll miss the aerosol?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I use Oscar Blandi's pronto Dry Shampoo. I got it from Ulta and it's a bit pricey at $22 but I had a coupon so I got it for less than that. I did extensive research before buying, and decided that this particular one is pretty decent. I've had it for about 6 months, probably using once a week or so, and the bottle is just barely halfway through. I have dark hair so if I don't brush it through my hair all the way, my scalp looks chalky, in which case I just use a towel to rub it in and pick up the excess. And it smells like lemon.

I worked with kids when I first started and didn't necessarily have the time to wash my hair everyday (had a lice scare around then too at the school). I now use it whenever my hair gets a little too shiny.

I first tried the Tresemme dry shampoo spray because it was under $5 and I like how it gives my hair a lift. But I really don't like how it makes my hair feel when I run my fingers through it. So I've stuck with the Oscar Blandi brand.

Hope this helps. ; D

Darci said... Best Blogger Tips

I've used dry shampoo in the past. I have dark hair, too, but the spray had a dark brown cast to it, so no grey hair. I got it at Sally's.

My hair SMELLED delicious, but the coating on the strands really bugged me all day. The shampoo did it's job by soaking up scalp oil, but the texture made me a little crazy.

I'll be really interested in seeing what you think of the "natural" solutions from the tute.

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been using this stuff (though not the homemade variety) for a few years now. I bought the cheapest stuff at Sally Beauty. Anyway, it looks great (like my hair is magically clean!) but doesn't feel great, especially if I work out (ha) or otherwise sweat a bunch after using it. Sorry if that was tmi. Oh and my husband uses it too. :)

Mrs. Puma said... Best Blogger Tips

Hmm, making your own is an interesting idea. I have the Tressemme spray version and I really like it. It does go on gray at first, but then they tell you to give it a little brush and it blends into my hair (although I'm blonde, not sure how it would be for darker colors).

banclothing said... Best Blogger Tips

I have used the dry shampoo from Sephor and it works amazing. I have very dark hair and there was no sign of a powder residue. I think you have to use it sparingly though. In university my friend who was blond would use flour and she swore by it. Damn blonds.

The Hojnackes said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't seen the dry shampoos, but I am trying my the baking soda instead of shampoo method of combining soda and water and using it in place of shampoo in the shower. Today was my first try. So far, so good. I all about trying something different.

Alex said... Best Blogger Tips

I just started using dry shampoo and really like it. My hair is really thick & long so I prefer to have a weekly visit to the salon for a wash & blow-dry.

I like the dry shampoo because towards the end of the week my hair gets oily and I like how the dry shampoo soaks up the oil.

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

I've thought about trying it. I have very fine, thick, straight, oily hair, and I live in a very dry climate, so I hate washing it every day. I just haven't been able to find it. I'm not a boutique beauty supply shopper, so that might be my problem. I'd be more interested in trying the at-home solution, though.

Sabr said... Best Blogger Tips

I've tried different brands but still like plain old baby powder the best. It's prob the cheapest too.

Nicole said... Best Blogger Tips

Ijust bought some like a week ago (dont remember the name) but it was a kind that was "for black hair" and you coundnt see it in my hair (once I got it to spray in my hair and not all over the bathroom) every time I touched my head my hand was then black! ithink in the amount of time i spent cleaning my bathroom after using it, I could have showered twice....

Deb Cameron said... Best Blogger Tips

I had always used Batiste but found it ran out way too quickly for the cost, I recently found a Toni&Guy one here in Australia, it is cheap and pretty darn good and doesn't leave any grey/colour residue, mind you I am very blonde, but the Batiste made my hair grey too.

Popbabe7 said... Best Blogger Tips

I tried Batiste Dry Shampoo on my fringe but it gave me very bad eczema, so I stopped. Now I just wash my fringe everyday with Lush compact shampoo- great stuff.

Might try the natural recipe, but will probably end with grey hair (my hair is quite dark).

Lydia said... Best Blogger Tips

I love Psssssst dry shampoo, and you can get it at Walmart! Aim the spray at the roots, fluff the hair, and then you're good to go. Just don't overspray, and you should have no problems.

Petit Elefant said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the link!

I actually love this recipe because it's a combination of stuff and it all really cuts the grease.

Have fun with it!

Audie said... Best Blogger Tips

I've used just straight oatmeal before and it worked great. I got the idea from a Teen magazine that gave teh idea if you messed up your hair but didn't have time to wash it. When I used the oatmal it was the flavored kind, and it actually made my hair smell pretty good! (it was after a camping trip and it NEEDED to get washed...when I went for a post hike drink no one could even tell!)

marysews said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, I haven't used dry shampoo since about 1970. I took it with me to camp one summer, and didn't like it at all.

I must say, though, that the ingredients shown in your post look like they would actually be good for your hair.

ladykatza said... Best Blogger Tips

I knew about dry shampoo some years ago because my friend's mom was bedridden while fighting cancer and it was the only way to try and keep her hair clean.

Now that my Mom is wheelchair bound its something she would be able to use.

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Huh, I've tried the no-shampoo and homemade shampoo routes a couple of times and they never worked out well due to the grease. I stuck with it for three weeks once (the interwebs said you had to give you hair time to adjust) and it was just awful. You could fry eggs on my head by the end of the day. I think I'll give this a try though, it seems to make sense.

I come from greasy people on my dad's side. My dad is now bald so he just has a greasy head. The cat used to like to sit on the back of the recliner and like his head while he watched tv. Mom would get grossed out and throw pillows until the cat ran off and hid.

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