Project Runway Rundown: 14 down 3 to go

October 22, 2010

Little did I know but Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week hosted the last TEN contestants of Project Runway. BECAUSE, they didn't want to give away who the final three contestants were. They had done this the previous year as well. If you'd like to see what Christopher, Valerie, Michael D, Casanova, Michael C, Gretchen, Mondo, April, Andy and yes...Ivy showed, visit this site.

Soooo, did the contestants know they were going to show at Fashion week if they didn't make it to the top three? If so, then last night's freak out really confuses me. I always thought that a big part of getting to the end was the opportunity to show at Fashion week. That is a BIG consolation to not winning. Little known fact, first season winner Jay McCarroll turned down the money, citing a contractual clause stipulating that the Project Runway production company would own a 10% stake of  ALL his professional ventures in perpetuity! That like means....forever. What the? The company has since dropped this clause. And rightfully so.
As far as collections go, I really love feminine diverse pieces. So please forgive me if I say I didn't like Mondo's collection. It was fine enough. But nothing surprised me. Brian said he thought the blue top and skirt looked like something in the window of Forever 21. OH YEAH, I HAVEN'T SEEN THE FULL COLLECTIONS ON ELLE.COM YET. I want to be surprised. So forgive again if I trash someone who has an amazing collection at Fashion Week or vice versa.Honestly, I didn't think Michael or Andy chose the right pieces to show the judges. I saw some kind of gray pointed peplum thing in the background of Andy's collection that looked pretty interesting. And Michael had something hanging on the mannequin that I thought looked amazing but instead he picked those sequin pants. Blah. What a disappointment, although I did like the purple feathery frock in the middle. To me, it was a shame because looking at the pieces he showed Tim I thought I would like his collection the best. It looked feminine and I liked the color scheme.

But given his choices, I was not surprised when Michael was voted off. BUT, I was a little taken aback by his reaction. Drama queen much? Did anyone else notice that there was A LOT of sobbing but NOT a single tear. Bizarre. Just a big pity pout fest. It sort of reminded me of the way Lily and Molly get upset when they don't get their way. Okay. I feel kind of bad railing into Michael for that but it was wayyyy over the top.
Andy's collection also impressed me but not so much the pieces he showed us. I'm really excited to see what the other pieces are. They looked pretty neat.

Gretchen. Have I NOT been saying this ALL season? Crunchy Granola out the wazhoo! That's her thing. That's her. That's NOT what should win Project Runway and I was super annoyed when she wasn't the one booted off this episode. Second chances? She's been given like ten. Her recent creations have really made me think her first few wins were a fluke. When I saw her jungle print parachute pants my brain gagged. If she wins I going to quit watching PR. Maybe:)
And again with the woe is me. "I'm broke" "My boyfriend left me" "I have to move" "I NEED to win". Andy lived in a shack and although he talked about 'struggle' you didn't hear him talking about how poor he was. Then again, he gets to live in Hawaii:)

Next week FINALE!!!! Who will win? I'm pulling for Andy. Oh and really looking forward to the group cast interview. That's always juicy.

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rainydaytoys said... Best Blogger Tips

Haven't decided who I think should win yet. Waiting for the full collection. Was disappointed that they showed a next week commercial in the beginning of the show so we knew, before anyone even got to the runway, which three were going to be picked.

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh good Lord that middle outfit from Gretchen is just heinous!!

I knew she wasn't going to go, though...the judges love her like everyone hated Michael C...why oh why??????

rainydaytoys said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, so I had to go look at the online collections. Do the others get more time to work on their pieces than the final four, cause they sure seemed more polished. I think next year they should ban using gray, brown(s) and black,maybe we could finally get some color in this show!

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

My favorite part is always when Tim visits their homes. I loved when Andy showed Tim the catfish, lol.

Something that shocked me is they only had 6 weeks to work on this???? Haven't they had 8-10 in the past? Andy basically made his collection in 2 weeks because he had to wait for his fabrics to arrive from Laos. Risky, but it turned out beautiful.

My favorite pieces to walk last night - for all the designers - were the ones they made in 2 days! I liked Gretchen's little romper, I don't know if it's fashion, but it looks fun. I liked that Mondo repeated the giant polka-dots on the sleeves of the turquoise top. I think Michael would have been in if he'd shown the ruffled dress. They wanted to see detail from him. But then again, Andy's pleats were gorgeous.

The final 3 were the ones I picked a few weeks ago. I felt bad for Michael, after hearing his partner say that the only reason his parents supported him was because of the show. And I noticed Gretchen saying that she saw something in herself that "friends will never tell you" - she didn't complain about being misrepresented, maybe she learned something?

Katrine said... Best Blogger Tips

I felt that Micheal's collection was beautiful but it has already been Done before. Gretchen's collection is hideous. You get the chance to show at the fashion show and you choose army green in all your colors? That is why I would have picked Micheal's because at least it was pretty! I was very impressed by Andy after seeing where he came from and his outlook on life. I still think Mondo will win.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

My husband watched the tail end of the episode and when Michael C. broke down with that funny face on the stage, my husband said, why is he faking being upset? And when I looked at it from his point of view, it was like he had to make himself be upset about being sent home (this was before his not-a-single-tear cry fest in the back room). Too funny!

Lisa Johnson said... Best Blogger Tips

I haven't liked Michael C. this whole season. He has ridden through on the most simple and basic styles and has gotten awarded for them. When others were thinking outside the box and trying to push themselves, it just didn't seem fair to me. I also thought the pout fest was way over the top. Honestly, dude, just be glad you made it as far as you did. As long as Gretchen doesn't win next week I will be happy. I am pulling for Mondo, but I also really like Andy!

veronica said... Best Blogger Tips

i SO agree that Gretchen should've went a long time ago! i am surprised michael c. has made it this far, and i think he is the first one to really "lose it" after being sent packing.

and i have been a fan of Mondo since the beginning. i love his mix of patterns!

Dana said... Best Blogger Tips

This is my very first season watching PR and I have really enjoyed reading your posts each week. I did not know you could see all the collections on line. I'm going there next! I think Mondo and Andy are extremely talented and wouldn't be mad at either of them winning. Gretchen should have gone home weeks ago, IMO. Michael's reaction was a bit much, but I still feel for him now that I've heard how his family wants him to conform to their expectations and can't seem to be able to love and accept him the way he is. That's a terrible thing! Doesn't make him a great designer, but still. I feel for the man! Anywho, I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I'll look forward to sharing PR with you next season!

Sam said... Best Blogger Tips

I was completely embarassed for Michael C. - that reaction was WAY over the top. And I'm with you on Gretchen. How many versions of the same slouchy beige-and-brown romper things can she sew, for heavens sake?

I was completely on the Mondo train until I saw Andy's stuff. I can't wait to see both of their collections.

Clarissa said... Best Blogger Tips

The commercial for next weeks episode that aired before the end of the show gave away the winners. It showed Andy, Mondo, and Gretchen at fashion week. I was so mad when I saw this. Did anyone else see this or was it just my lovely, local cable provider?
I loved Michael's collection, although I think he showed the wrong pieces. I thought it was feminine and beautiful. Mondo's was very...Mondo and Gretchen's was ugly. I thought the parachute outfit was especially icky.
Did anyone else think Andy's collection looked a little like the Jetson's?

Marianne & Clayton said... Best Blogger Tips

What a disappointing final three. I really like Andy and Mondo- but feel like their looks are kinda "what-ev". Nothing is making me go "wow". Gretchen's was just awful, ugh. And Michael's drama fest? I was so uncomfortable I had to fast forward through most of it!

After looking at all the collections I have to say that I liked Cassanova's the best. It was gorgeous and sexy and so so polished. I remember first episode being blown away that he wasn't sent home. I even liked a few of Ivy's pieces, though it hurts me to say so. April had some cute stuff too, but when her models were all together they looked like outpatients from a head injury ward. I think the final 3 were some of my least faves.

Leisel said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, I am so glad you said that about Gretchen. I haven't liked anything she has made for WEEKS! It seems as though they are keeping her just cause she had a couple good ones in the begining. It is not really fair, in my opinion. Michael C's collection was much more 'runway worthy' and more interesting. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! ;0)

BluBabes said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope my comment gets through this time. Last time it came up "Blogger Request Not Found." Hate when that happens. I think this episode should be titled a lot of things but mostly "Granola Gretchen and the Salamander Collection." How did she win over Michael? I don't think Michael was really wanting to cry, but peeved that Gretchen beat him. Weirs reaction and very dramatic. I was pleased to see Andy get quite a bit out of his comfort zone, but I agree with you about Mondo's being disappointing. This was the most disappointing episode for me next to the Jackie O one. Just bad. I looked at all of the collection online. And I need to go back and look again.

On another note, when they went to the home of all the contestants, they all had sewing rooms. As of today I've set one up. Well, a table, a hutch and a sewing machine. But that's my little thrill for the day.

Emma Louise said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been following April Johnston's blog on which has been a really interesting perspective on the show. She did note that the designers did not know until after episode 12 that the top 10 were designing for fashion week.

I completely agree that Gretchen should have gone home for her granola mini-line. She had done a decent job styling this season, so what made her think that her styling for this episode should be accessible, like any girl could wear it?! I'm confused, especially after she was told that her last look was too ready to wear.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I felt awful for Michael but I also thought it was silly bc he still gets to show (I read that on Laura bennett's blog a few weeks back. I think they've been doing that for a few seasons now.)
I hate gretchen's style. I think she won in the beginning bc it's something the judges hadn't seen before. I've never liked it though, and I don't think it's "runway" at all.
I hope mondo wins it all.

emily.marie said... Best Blogger Tips

They've been showing more than the final three at fashion week since season one. Austin got to show along with Kara Saun, Jay and Wendy Pepper (revolutionary-themed)! Kara Janx also go to show for season two. Season four, Chris March & Sweet P. The list goes on! It would be quite difficult to sync the show down to the week, but ten designers is out of control! I guess the network controls when PR is produced and aired, and it probably isn't much more money to them to throw at the designers. Plus, they get a more diverse and interest-piquing show and offer the designers another once in a lifetime chance to display their designs! Win-win!

I also have to ask if I'm the only one who doesn't have a vendetta against Gretchen? I really think she's got great style and taste, and pulled off the final show very nicely!

Hated Michael's. Hated Andy's. (Sorry. Sorry. Their aesthetics and mine do NOT align!) I was really excited to see what Andy did with the Lao silk, because I have a ton of it & would love some inspiration, but I only liked one of his separates (in the actual runway show). Mondo is the only one who deserves to win, in my opinion.

Cami said... Best Blogger Tips

This is my first posting here- HI! I just watched the episode on Apple TV. For me it was a disappointment. I was a big Michael C. fan because I felt like Gretchen and the other designers ganged up on him. I think that Gretchen should be arrested for her high-waisted, tapered knit pantsfest in the last episode and this one. It's just not my style but Heidi seems to really like her stuff. Mondo is incredibly gifted. I've never seen anyone who can combine fabrics like him. You can't learn that. I am consistently surprised and delighted with his work. LOVE. I wasn't impressed with what I saw from Andy this episode, although I have to say that last episode his dress looked kinda bad on the mannequin, but AWESOME on the model. Yes, Michael was really over the top with his crying but I thought it was real. I was worried for him.

Thanks for posting. :) I'd like to peep at the collections but I think I'll wait until it airs. :) Cheers, everyone!

Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

I also think that some of Mondo and Andy's stuff dont make me go wow... was waiting for more omph... Gretchen's collection is plain ugly.

Does any know where i can get a pleater like the one Andy used?

Katarina said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree, Gretchens stuff was plain horriblew BUT I did loooove her jewelry. I'd wear all of that stuff in an instance.
I have to say I like Michael C and it was breaking my hear to see his breakdown but now that I know that most of them showed at fashion week anyway, I'm over it.
I just finished looking through their collections and I have to agree, Michael Cs was very pretty, wearable and chic and I don't get how they could choose Gretchen over him. I liked Valeries clothes and Christopher and April stepped up their game. Overall I still like Mondo best, his stuff is unique and styled seperatly imo pretty wearable. I want him to win, I just don't know anyone who did something similar before and that's pretty rare.
But it still bumps me that Ivy showed, too. I hate her and I wonder if they are going to bring up her horrible attitude next week, it's going to be interesting.

Shelley said... Best Blogger Tips

your brain gagged?! I love it!! I really hate Gretchen *whine*whine*whine* does she ever shut up?. I have thought about not watching if she wins... but really... who am I kidding. Michael bugs the crap out of me, he acts like a child. The pouting was so ugly... eww. I liked Mondo's sheer top, but that was it really. I hope that Andy has a chance, he is super talented.

jane p said... Best Blogger Tips

Gosh, am I the only one who didn't think Michael C was faking it? I actually teared up when he was struggling with his emotions. What made me believe it was genuine was the reactions of Mondo and Andy. They were both crying their eyes out with snot and everything. I believe Michael C cried mainly because he felt he would lose the support of his family. Poor guy. And I believe Mondo would win because he stands out.

My Little Cupcake said... Best Blogger Tips

I was annoyed that they kept Gretchen too! Her collection is just ugly. I can't see anyone wearing that. I thought, despite his drama-queen craziness, that Michael C should have stayed. At least his designs didn't hurt my eyes!

Clarissa said... Best Blogger Tips

After looking at all of the designer's looks for fashion week, I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed. There were some standout pieces from Ivy (shocked), Christopher, and Mike C. However, I wasn't wowed by anyone's collection, definitely not the top three. Last season (I think) with Seth Aaron's collection, that was fantastic. I loved his coats. I've been waiting to feel that way again this season. Oh well, maybe P.R. has peaked. :(

debra lynn said... Best Blogger Tips

I agree that Gretchens collection was horrible. There was no styling in the world to save it, imho. I can't believe they actually liked her newest piece either, I think if anyone else would have done it Michael Kors would have said "it looks like someone has crapped their pants", Sorry! Thats what I thought! I really liked Andys and Mondos though. I can understand some of Michael Cs disappointment, but, I agree, buck up, you're on national tv. Say your point about your family and then move on. Yes, I feel bad that he doesn't have the support of his family, that sucks, but I would never cry like that knowing my kid may be watching.

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

This season has just irked me over and over, I don't understand where's the "FASHION" show. Its like all of the designers are trying to make ready to wear stuff, well guess what? Go to a fashion show in Paris and believe me NO ONE on the streets would wear that stuff, its supposed to be over the top and "new" and never seen before. I think Michael C. was a little ridiculous, but it also made me tear up a bit when he was talking about his family. They said it was costume-y, but once again, its supposed to be over the top. Once again, I CANNOT believe Gretchen moved up!!! How the crap is that fashion forward? They weren't even in heels!!?! Ugh. She bothers me like no other. I would vow to not watch next year either if she wins, but really...there will at least be a HUMONGOUS tantrum thrown, along with ranting for days if she does! :)

Bethany said... Best Blogger Tips

It's funny, but I totally agree with you. I was disappointed by all 4 collections shown, and Michael was a major baby. I did not feel sorry for him at all. Way immature of him to react the way he did.

- Bethany

verbatim said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't figure out why each week I like what Gretchen herself is wearing but despise what she designs. This week was no different. I thought her collection was very uninspired except for the gimmicky romper. Looking at the final collections online of all 10, I think I like April's best of all. I feel more sympathy for Michael, whose parents can't accept that he's a (super talented) gay fashion designer, than Gretchen, who broke up with her boyfriend and had to move (who among us hasn't been in this situation at one time or another?).

Suzanne said... Best Blogger Tips

wurd. i am so over Gretchen. granola either gets glam or goes back to Montana.

sjones said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to admit I liked Aprils collection best of all as well. I am a Mondo Fan but his wasn't my fav.

Cuscini said... Best Blogger Tips

Maria, to make those pleats, you use something called a Perfect Pleater. I got mine through the Clotilde catalog, but just Goggle it -- it's available through lots of sources.

I too can't stand Gretchen's garments -- they are soooo not made for a curvy Italian girl like me. But that's okay; they'll love her at J. Jill or LandsEnd. But what's bugged me all the way through was her condescension, her smugness and her sugar coated meanness. How much of her commentary started with "I'm concerned about" whomever....followed by a nasty poke in the nose? She's the master of the smarmy right-handed compliment. A mean girl.

I don't think Michael C. was faking it at all. They're all under so much pressure, and so emotional, and I think he truly just lost it. So what if there were no tears? You need tears to cry and break down?

So glad we've now cleared up the question of why everyone was upset when they were going to fashion week anyway.

But, you know, the contestants really don't have to win PJ to win. Exposure on the show has invariably helped everyone participating, and given them incredible opportunities. That's why Valerie's charming and graceful exit was sure to win her a flood of job offers.

And why Ivy's nastiness would make any potential employer think twice.

Maria said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Jude, thanks for replying to my question with regards to the pleater!

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