Project Runway Rundown: 13 down 4 to go

October 15, 2010

Only four left! It gets so good when they start eliminating designers that they like. This week April was the one to go home last night. And it was no big surprise. When she and Gretchen stood on the stage there was NO doubt in my mind that April was leaving. Although, I have to say that Gretchen's looked THE WORST. I guess it doesn't matter. She could have painted her model in poop and they still would have picked her to go to fashion week. It's pretty annoying.

The challenge was to roam the streets of New York and get inspiration from the landscapes.

So April. What were you thinking?! Tim specifically told you "Given your palette of the season you may want to think about just a little bit of surprise." And you're response, "Okay, yeah, I have something in mind, I promise." Where was that 'something in mind'? When I heard her telling her stylist to make yet another high bun. I yelled to the tv, "AGAIN!?" But I didn't realize how similar it was to everything else she had made until I saw it down the runway. It was the first thing that came out of my mouth. Brian and I groaned and rolled our eyes.

So I felt satisfied that the judges completely agreed but I also felt bad for April who broke down during the critique. But ultimately I believe her downfall was her own doing. Tim had warned her. She decided to do her own thing. Why? I still don't understand. And if she had been given the chance to make a collection, it would still be all black and gothy. I don't know if she has it in her to make something different. If not during this challenge, then when?

But here's my question. IF April had come up with something AMAZING, do you honestly think they would have eliminated Gretchen? They seemed to like everyone else's designs. What would they have done? I thought if Michael C. came up with a bad design he would be the one to go home. When they LOVED his look I honestly didn't know what would happen. But sending April home made sense. I would have loved to see what would have happened if April would have done something great.
So onto Gretchen. Ugh. Double ugh. How did she think that looked chic? It was exactly like bad secretary clothing. And who is about sick of hearing her cry about being poor? She thinks she deserves to win because she's kind of struggled? Who on earth hasn't struggled? Being poor isn't unique. In fact, it's probably pretty common. And whenever Gretchen's put in a corner with the judges it's painful to see her scramble and panic and ramble on with excuses.
Michael C. I was really unsure what the judges were going to say about his dress. It could have easily gone either way. It was lovely in the back but I wasn't sure about the lack of form. But they LOVED IT. And you could feel Gretchen and April's biting their tongues. Watching Michael light up when showered with the judges' compliments in contrast with Gretchen's sour face was soooo satisfying. Who was it who had eluded to him being an idiot? Who was it who said it looked like work they were doing five years ago? I only wish Ivy had been there:)
Andy's was cool too but he also has a problem with the 'sexy warrior' look. Couldn't you see his designs in a martial arts action film? And how did his design resemble Central Park again? It was a flimsy excuse to make what he wanted to make regardless of the challenge.

Mondo too. It was very similar to his other designs. What was up with that in this episode? Did Mondo ever not use houndstooth? Again it wasn't wowing me but maybe that was because I've seen it so much.
So who will the the one to go home after they've made their collection? It seems almost cruel to have someone make an entire collection and then eliminate them before they get to show it. Did they always do that? Anyway, next week will be so much fun. I can't wait to see what Michael C. and Gretchen have made!


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Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

O! You know what I read online tho? They make like the top 8 do full collections and have a show, so that people won't know who the top three actually are before the shows air. Isn't that crazy? They don't give the non-top three as much money to work with, but yeah, probably torture for the ones who aren't "really" at fasion week.

Melinda said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh man, Gretchen makes me crazy with her condescending, arrogant remarks! The five years ago thing made me want to punch her and then my jaw dropped when at the end she said "I'm just glad the judges gave me a second chance like they'd given ALL of YOU!" Wow. Rude. Her stuff was HORRIBLE, I was SO HOPING she would go home but I knew she wouldn't. I just don't get what the judges see in her, I don't like hardly anything she does! I love Michael C. I'm excited to see what he does, he's actually the only one that switches things up from time to time, everyone else does the same things over and over. I'm sad for April, I wish she could've come up with something different. Wow. Can't wait for next week!

verbatim said... Best Blogger Tips

When I saw Michael's dress come down the runway, I initially thought, Oh, no. But then the way the fabric moved, the high slit revealing thigh in the front, and then the back -- I literally gasped. Loved it! Re April, why couldn't she just make the same design in a different color? Holy cow, it's like she had a (competition) death wish.

monicalee said... Best Blogger Tips

ok! Now that you posted about this...I will comment here too! (I live in a house full of I am on my own over here) None of these designs did it for me. I want color, I want style, for pete's sake! Another black dress? Ack! Maybe we could have gotten to "Wow"! over Michael's dress also if it was not black because it just didn't show up well on TV. PS I gave you a shout out on my blog! :)

drea_dear said... Best Blogger Tips

Okay, I'm going to agree with monicalee on the color of Michael's dress - maybe if it had been a soft grey, or had a gradient to it, you could have seen the draping and the volume. That said I was shocked and thrilled that they picked him first. Whatever that means for his placement, he knew he was safe first. I'm glad they didn't do it so it came down to him and Gretchen, and will there be 3 or 4. That would have been annoying.

I do think Gretchen needs a break, and 2 months in her own environment (where she'll be creating anyway), and we might decide we like what she does. I did like her designs at first.

I thought Andy would be out, because they've been so in love with April's edgy goth thing. But I agree, you can't trust her to use color. She hasn't used color, except when it was forced on her.

As far as sending 4 designers and making them compete for the final 3 spots - they started doing that in season 4 (when Christian won) - 2 designers were on the bubble, and they made them compete for the final spot. This is the first time they've made all 4 finalists compete for the three spots. Season 3 they allowed all 4 to show because they were really fabulous (I still love Michael and Uli). There, now I've outed myself as a long time PR geek! LOL

Magpie Shinies said... Best Blogger Tips

The Editing Fairies on this show make me crazy, I really thought that Mondo would be sending his model down with two strips of houndstooth across her body. I wasn't in love with the dress, but then again, I tend to judge them by, "What would I wear?" instead of any actual criteria. Which is fine b/c the judging doesn't seem to have any set criteria, either.

As for the final four, it happened the only way it could, I guess.

Amber said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm with Melinda - I couldn't believe Gretchen actually told them all that - she comes off as being really rude. And I was laughing so hard when the judges talked about how much they loved Michael C's dress - I think steam was coming out of Gretchen's ears :-)
And it was so sweet when Mondo said he'd take Michael C....can't wait to see what happens next week!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This season, the final 10 designers actually presented at fashion week. They do this because when fashion week actually happened, there were still ten designers left on the show. If only three showed collections, it would give the final three away. You can look at all of the final collections here:

I actually think April's collection was really good--hardly any black at all!

Marie said... Best Blogger Tips

Come on guys, Michael C is the most boring designer (besides maybe Christopher) this season. That was the most boringly derivative dress from the most obvious "inspiration" ever. Zero creativity. But he's in because the producers want him in and make the judges do their bidding. A few seasons ago Michael Kors ripped a designer a new one for not know the name of their fabric. Last night it didn't matter.

Tom and Lorenzo's blog have all ten of the final collections up and posted. April's was actually very light and neutral colored. She really took that last critique to heart.

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said... Best Blogger Tips

"She could have painted her model in poop and they still would have picked her to go to fashion week." So true. As much as I love PR, it's so aggravating. They say they don't judge based on past looks...ha!

And what did Gretchen say at the end? That she is so glad she got a second chance like the rest of them? Grr she makes me crazy!

Sarah O. said... Best Blogger Tips

I think Michael C will be the next one to go home unless Gretchen has completely puttered out and makes a collection of "mall clothes". I'm super excited to see how this turns out!

Sandy said... Best Blogger Tips

I have to agree with you and wonder what would have happened had April "wowed" the judges and Michael C. had not. He took a risk with that dress, but it paid off. Gretchen's outfit was once again boring and dull ... I agree, no matter what she did, she was going to Fashion Week. I can't wait till next week's episode.

Hanna said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't believe Gretchen made it through after presenting a crap outfit and then saying that she doesn't like doing the challenges. They weren't even offended? Bah. Can't wait for next week, the second last episodes are my fav.

Dale said... Best Blogger Tips

while it's true that mondo's work was fairly similar to other weeks, he was definately my favorite again this week. Honestly, he was the only one i really liked.... again.

Hoping the Gretchen goes home. Haven't liked a single outfit she's done all show and her tv personality drives me insane. Therefor, my hopes for the final 3: Michael, Andy, Mondo.

Gotta say, where is the female talent on this show? Why have all the great designers (in my opinion) been male? Strange to see that.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

they do decoys every year. however many people are still "on" the show when fashion week happens that many people make decoys. That way the people in the tent don't just see (for example) mondo, andy and gretchen and know that they are the final 3. They see 6 or 8 or however many people are there. The eliminated contestants just get a lot less money. has them every year. Aprils collection was really pretty and not black :)

M and E said... Best Blogger Tips

Once again, I thought Michael C. was hilarious and lovable. I didn't know if the judges would love his dress or hate it, but then, that's how I feel about almost every look from almost every contestant on almost every episode. You never know! And Gretchen...grrrrrrrr!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Why did they pick Gretchen to be in the fianal 3? Her clothes are so boring and not fashionalbe. I think Heide is allowing her to stay for some reason and convincing the other judges to agree with her. She should have been voted off long ago.
Mondo is the best.
Michael C. should still be in the running. He won more challenges than Gretchen and has a much better attitude.
I have disappointed in the judges once again this year. They ripped off Jay last year.

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