Frock by Friday: Gail Suggestions

September 30, 2010

Some fabric suggestions for the Gail: If you are trying to recreate the Modcloth version then yes, buy lace. Notice that the lace in the Modcloth dress is not traditional. It has tiny eyelets in varigating spaces. But choose what you love best. Also, if you do not want to finish the necklin with a sewing machine, look for a lace that has a finished edge.

I will also be showing you how to alter the pattern for the modcloth version. So here's what you should buy:

2 yards of body fabric. Either silk, charmeuse, anything floppy. I wouldn't recommend anything too stiff.

3/4" yards of fabric for top inset. Either lace or another type of sheer fabric. You can also use a white floppy material if you so choose.

invisible zipper (6" for size 34, 7 1/2" for size 46)

5-6 small buttons

If you are making the Modcloth version also buy some very wide elastic for the waist 2.5" or wider.

Photo burdastyle

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jhelene said... Best Blogger Tips

Does the ModCloth version still require a zipper since it has the elastic waist?

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen, I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this question, but how do I see these posts? I follow the blog; is there something I need to do to see these? I only saw this one thanks to your comment in another FBF post.

STephanie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Jane,

I thought the same thing. I was looking for an email address to send Kathleen an email that stated such, and I clicked on the link 'Subscribe to RSS' on the top left hand side. That had tons of posts that I had never seen before including this one. I don't think that is the correct answer, but it will at least let you see the posts that you are missing until Kathleen has a chance to respond.

Hope that helps, Steph

Jane said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks, Stephanie! I was looking for an RSS feed or something, but my eyes apparently glossed right over it.

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