The Central Park Frock

September 22, 2010

This is the dress I wore on the streets of New York City yesterday. Beth of The Stories of A to Z and I got tickets to see The Nate Berkus show and both of us were excited to choose what we would wear. The audience was made up of design bloggers who had started this #nate twitter movement. Many had flown in, some as far as California and in addition had spent hundreds of dollars on hotel fare.

The instructions were given to wear 'bright' colors and man did I fit that bill. I felt a little out of place in the midst of the other real new yorkers on the street but I felt really proud of the dress so any uncomfortable feelings were just a side note.

I have seen these backs in a couple dresses out by independent designers recently and wanted to try it myself. I liked that you have a little back showing but can still wear a bra. I made the length of the skirt longer to balance out the risky back but I really struggled with this decision. I still don't know what looks better but this is what I went with for the big day.
The front was also fun for me too. The white piping was just perfect against the apple red. I included a peter pan collar that lined a scoop neckline. As well as sailor button that lined the front and a pintucked rectangled piece in the front midsection.

I received so many compliments from the other bloggers and felt a little silly saying that I made it as well. But everyone was so friendly and open. They were made up of mostly home decor bloggers, which I don't follow as much, BUT Megan of Modern Bird Studios was there, one of my previous guest giveaways. So that was great to meet someone I knew in person.

The show was a first for me. I've only attended 'live' tapings. The atmosphere of The Nate Show was more personal. They can stop, go back, and retake a clip. It's different. PLUS, Beth and I were so close to the action. I felt almost on top of them. They were seating people not by place in line but at their own discretion. When Beth and I got to the hostess she instructed us to seats in the front row all cushioned and inches away from Nate. It was a lot of pressure. There were many times I felt like my mouth quiver from the amount of smiling I was doing. I was just never sure if we were on tv or not? Like I said, pressure.

The warm up woman instructed us that as Nate would walk out he might come up to one of us, shake our hand, etc. And to my surprise, he walked out, waved to all of us, saw me and SHOOK MY HAND and began his intro. So surreal. I never get picked for the fun things. I told Beth it must have been phosphorescent red dress which caught his eye.

Beth sat beside, Emily, the winner of Design Star and might have been on camera the whole time they were interviewing her. It was so weird. But it made the experience a hundred times better.
I've read a lot of bloggers write about the experience. For some reason, it was never mentioned that the show was made up of design bloggers and none of the bloggers interviewed had their blog plugged. A lot of bloggers were upset. I just wonder if the producers had made a conscious effort to do that. And if so, why? It just made no sense.

But after the show, Nate sat down and answered our questions and seemed genuinely appreciative which makes me think it was an issue with production.

At any rate, we had a great time and I was just grateful for the experience. Thanks again Beth for the tickets AND taking the great photos!

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KelsyC said... Best Blogger Tips

This is LOVELY!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your dress! The collar is so cute, and it looks great on you.

Carol B said... Best Blogger Tips

Your dress is absolutely precious. What a fun experience to see Nate so up-close!

Jack said... Best Blogger Tips

Love, love, love this dress! Red is always in style ...

Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

What a wonderful experience for you and such a beautiful dress. Can't wait til the show airs so I point you out in the crowd and say, "I know her!"

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Well I love the red, its very pretty. I also like that you used piping, I love to use piping, I think it gives clothing extra dimension.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing frock, love the shape of the skirt.

Simply Lunar said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute dress! I hope to catch his show online somehow...

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the dress! The combination of the front and back are nice. They seem so different, but go together very well. :)

Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

I think this is my favorite frock yet! Stunning!

Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

What a beautiful read dress! Very nicely made.

kelerabeus said... Best Blogger Tips

Your dress is stunning! Actually all of your dresses are but this one is somehow special, it has this modcloth vibe which I totally love. I'm not a blogger but since I discovered you on BurdaStyle I do check out your blog on a daily bases. Your work is such an inspiration!

Ana @ Don't Fear the Ripper said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the dress!! When will the show air? I'd love to watch it!

Jessica said... Best Blogger Tips

Of course he picked you! How could he not? With that STUNNING dress! It truly is incredibly beautiful! Glad you had fun, sounds like an amazing experience!

Love and Hugs, Jess

happyfamily said... Best Blogger Tips

The dress is great, but I'm more taken with your hair. I wish I knew how to fix my hair like this!

Amy Kinser said... Best Blogger Tips

Simply beautiful...the dress and you. So happy that you had a chance to go and sit on the front row. Good for you.

Bless by Tone said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE the dress

Jennifer Rzasa said... Best Blogger Tips

Amazing dress, as always!

Rebecca Ramsey said... Best Blogger Tips

The dress is perfect and you look amazing in it!
Congrats on your front row seat!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

you look awesome! Love the dress, you cute thang!

Jacinta said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that photo of your back and the NY buildings in front of you.
Gorgeous dress! I love the colour.

Ruhammie said... Best Blogger Tips

Pretty dress! Neat back too. A pattern for that dress would be fun to get. :)

flynn said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, wow! will this dress make it into pattern form soon? i know a gal who i'd love to make it for :)

Tara said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it!!!

The Sew Convert said... Best Blogger Tips

You and your dress are gorgeous! Love the red with white piping!

Mruna Mistry said... Best Blogger Tips

You look great ! I love so many things about the dress...The collar , the back, the pintucks! Beautiful!

Uta said... Best Blogger Tips

Absolutely gorgeous! Did you use a pattern or sloper for this? Great job.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the picture with the two macarons. I really like that in all your dresses, you pay a lot of attention to details. All these pleats combined with the white piping (is is the right word ? :)is so lovely !

magdamagda said... Best Blogger Tips

the retro chic fits you like a glove! plus the colour! amazingly pursued details, you really have an eye for how much is necessary and how to balance a dress! and the back... such a lovely surprise!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

amazingly awesome dress. BEEEEautiful!!

heather noye said... Best Blogger Tips

I've not heard of The Nate Berkus show before but I'm going to have to look for it.

Either way, your dress is just fabulous!!! I love the styling with the pintucks and piping. And the color is great on you!!!

the doll house said... Best Blogger Tips

Kathleen, that dress is super cute and you look amazing on it!
Pls! a tutorial would be so nice from you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, Kathleen, so nice to meet you & get to hang out awhile. That dress was so adorable, so impressed you made it. WOW! Good for you & Beth for getting on the front row. We were peeking over there from the back row, a little envious at where you 2 were perched. :)

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I do love a red dress (and red shoes!!) and this one is simply gorgeous. The length is perfect imho; looks great on you.

Sabr said... Best Blogger Tips

Another beautiful creation! The red is stunning is contrast with your dark hair and the fit looks perfect!

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

I LOVE the dress it ROCKS! I wish I could sew, the only real sewing I get to do is hemming pants (I'm 5'). One day I will learn, hopefully sooner than later.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


I came via Beth, very nice to meet glad you had a nice time....I have been following Beth for awhile she is just a doll.

I love your dress and I can't wait to see the show !!!

All the best,
Kathy :)

Adventures in Dressmaking said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool story!
Love that dress-it is one of my faves of yours! I must start experimenting more with contrast piping...
I was invited to the filming of the "blogger" show but couldn't make it... sounds like a lot of fun! Hope they do it again sometime!

Hele said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, It must have been your dress!!!

Stefani Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, great dress. On your dress-form, for a second I thought the back was the front. I love the way you extend the collar to the back. I have made and seen similar collar that ends at the shoulder seams. Your creations never cease to amaze me.

Ella A. said... Best Blogger Tips

so cute! good job! i love the pintucking and white trim!

Miss Pelicano said... Best Blogger Tips


jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

i was thinking the same as another the dress but the hair oh my....please do tell how to fix like that, i have long thick hair that i would love to wear like that vesp in 100 degree summer weather!!!

Rosalind said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohhhhhhh soooooo jealous - in the nicest possible way! Just catching up on your blog! Love the dress. gorgeous work.

Ashley Doll said... Best Blogger Tips

That dress is ridiculously adorable! I love your blog and all your designs.

monica lee said... Best Blogger Tips

That dress is so darling, I would not be surprised to see you on the Sartorialist 's blog!

Kitten said... Best Blogger Tips

That dress is simply perfect, it's so beautiful ^^

m2girls said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous - I want this pattern to make my own in yellow!

discobabushka said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you have a tutorial for this dress? Or a pattern you are selling? It's lovely!!

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