Frock by Friday: Friday

August 6, 2010

By today you should have something that resembles this! Now you have something really cute to wear this weekend to the movies, on a date, out to eat, whatever. I love this frock. It's comfortable, light and a cinch to make.

Honestly, I could have called this 'A Frock by Today'. If I were you I'd try this again in another style. Only next time try to do it in one day. It's a very easy pattern.
On a separate note, I'm having one of my really BAD sore throats. I get them frequently from post nasal drip. They're the kind where talking and swallowing are difficult and painful. Do any of you suffer from these frequently too? Any advice as to get rid of them? Salt water and throat lozenges are no help.

And remember to post your finished frock on Grosgrain Flickr! I'll be sure to feature you!

For final Friday steps see read more or look below:

1. If you are using an elastic instead of a tie, wrap it lightly around your waist, do not stretch, and cut at about an inch of overlap.
2. If you are making ties instead of elastic. Iron the tie rectangle the same way you ironed the band in step 2 and 3 of Thursday's post. Only this time after you have folded the piece so that the top and the bottom meet in the center, fold it again so that it looks like double folded bias tape.
3. Sew it down the unfolded side to make a long tie.
4. Take your tie or your elastic and thread it through the casing using a safety pin. If you are using elastic, sew together once it is through the casing the whole way.
5. Hem the bottom. I wanted a longer length so I only hemmed my bottom about 5/8" but if you want a shorter length feel free to hem higher. DONE! YOU HAVE AN AMAZING FROCK FOR THE WEEKEND!
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Pauline Yau said... Best Blogger Tips

Is anyone else having trouble with downloading the pattern to print at home from the Burdastyle website? I can't print the pattern at home and neither can a few other people on Twitter. Burdastyle are ignoring our messages too - it's really annoying when you've paid for a pattern and you're ready to go and can't do anything.

Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

Firstly - great dress! I love your choice of fabrics every week. You have such a wonderful vision for the end result. I really enjoy watching your projects unfold every week.

Secondly - I used to get those hideous sore throats and post nasal drip constantly. It was so miserable and nothing seemed to work. I even had it on my wedding day!!

I went for allergy testing and that was it. Allergic to a ton of stuff - grass, trees, cats, dust, etc. Weird because I've always had cats. It was so bad for me I ended up getting allergy shots twice a week for months. Not pleasant, but best thing I ever did. I haven't been sick like that in a really long time now and I was able to keep my cat! ;)
Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Zara said... Best Blogger Tips

Your dress is gorgeous!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm not with Burdastyle so I probably won't be able to help but please tell me what's happening when you try to download? Maybe I can try.

Pauline said... Best Blogger Tips

This is happening when I try to print at home:
500 Error
Internal Server Issue

We’re sorry, but there was a server error. Please try again later.

If you believe this is a website error, please report it via our contact form.

I imagine it's something wrong with their website :(

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

YES.....can't print from burda and paid for it ANNOYING!!!
do they have a number we can call or does anyone have any way to forward the pattern???

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

any of you who have the different are the front and back pieces as when i printed the other day it did print all of the pieces that make up the back and the casing but one square short on the 3rd row and none of the 4th row (that would have given me the front piece) i was wondering if i could just basically use the back pattern piece for now til i can print mine THAT I PAID FOR AHHHH...just thinking this may work since this is such a very basic pattern letme know thanks!

kelly said... Best Blogger Tips

have you ever tried using a neti pot? it may help.

becca said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh I LOVE it! I was waiting to see what your finished frock looked like before committing to it, because I just couldn't picture it in a fabric I liked! Now I think I'll have to make one - and definitely looks doable in a day.

I love your frock by fridays - thanks so much for doing them and taking us through the process!

Lori said... Best Blogger Tips

For the post-nasal drip, I use one of these -

I don't use a Neti pot anymore because I needed something with a little more power to, er, "clean" me out. This thing seriously works great. It loosens up the stuff in your sinuses so you can blow your nose effectively. It's really helped me a lot, and it's great if I'm sick or if I've been outside during heavy pollen season.

Going to get on this dress just as soon as I find some fabric I like. Thanks!

Danielle Kuhns said... Best Blogger Tips

I get these sore throats all the time too. I like to sip hot echinacea tea and do it like all day. it numbs a bit. u should give it a try.

Farah said... Best Blogger Tips

Your dress looks fabulous! I have started mine today - and actually hope to finish it today as well. it really is easy.

I get the same nasal drip throat aches too and what works for me every time is nasonex. here in Canada you need a prescription for it, but it really is a miracle drug. clears up the drip and stops the throat ache.

Sara said... Best Blogger Tips

I've had this issue with post - nasal drip - related sore throats/coughing as well. A doctor friend of mine recommended that I get a prescription from my doctor for nasal steroids. Sounds scary, but apparently there are pretty much no side effects and it works well as long as you do it every day. (It is a nasal spray, but actually not as dangerous as those non-prescription nasal sprays you can get for colds, which are quite addictive and have some bad side effects - this is a totally different product.) I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks to get the prescription, so I don't know if it will work yet, but here's hoping! :) You might want to ask your doctor about this as well. Good luck!

p.s. The dress looks awesome!

Karin van D. said... Best Blogger Tips

You made a lovely dress, I love it! Do you have a photography studio, by the way, Kathleen? Or do you use a lot of photo editing? I love the simple backgrounds of your shots. It makes your garments stand out even more@

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Send me your email address and I will try to help you.

lisa said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you so much for your tutorial. I think I picked the wrong kind of bias tape because when I sewed it on it sort of stood out from the dress. Very sci-fi but not too cute.
What size bias tape should I have used. I can't seem to find it on the pattern.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Anyone having problems with the Anda pattern it looks like Seemane got help from Sew4my3 (a burdastyle moderator) who emailed her the pattern directly.

I would recommend sending her a message. Here's the post you can find the info:

If you can't message her (I get another 404 error message when I try) leave a message in that post about your problem rather than trying the contact form.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

What kind of fabric did you use for your dress?

Oh and what kind of bias tape did you use? Was it double folded. What size did it say it was?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Karin Van D.,
I have a makeshift studio. Basically, a boom softbox light, two more softbox lights on either side, an umbrella light and two reflector lights as well as a paperbackdrop and stand. It's in my garage and totally unprofessional but it does the trick for me:)

I got my stuff from Jensen's Best:

Pretty good prices.

Abs said... Best Blogger Tips

I second what Rachel said regarding allergies--pine trees were especially bad for me, and I had strep throat often as a result of pn drip.
Throat tricks: Throat coat tea, or sweetened tea with honey, Fisherman's Friends, a snort of cheap whisky (good for coughs, too), Triaminic throat strips (actually, I think they've stopped making them, but Cloraseptic makes them now, as does Orajel), humidifier, saline nasal spray, Flavorice popsicles, and soft foods for the duration. I teach, and when I have a sore throat during times I have to lecture, I always go with tea--I even hold it close to my mouth so any steam will waft down my throat. That and sore throat strips.
And when it comes to liquid meds, I'll take Triaminic over Robitussin any day.

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love your blog :)

As for the sore throats- for me it is usually because there is a bacterial problem developing- which causes sore throats.
This often develops into hoarseness for me, and as I am a singer- I can become a bit obsessive.

I gargle with Betadine- which is an iodine anti-bacterial solution that works wonders.
And I also eat a lot of active manuka honey- I don't know if that honey is just specific to NZ, but the active versions have proven high-potency anti-bacterial powers- and it works wonders.

I hope this helps- I know your pain!! :)

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm done! Just uploaded to Flickr. This was my first and it was Fun! Would like something a little more challenging next time, but this one was super fast and easy...I'm just sad I spent $20 at the copy shop enlarging time I will def do the print at home. I ended up modifying the neckline to a scoop neck and like it like that. Anyway, THANKS!!!!

Laurwyn said... Best Blogger Tips

I am done with my Anda! Happy happy happy!
Concerning the printing issues, I think that Burdastyle is busy with maintenance and a few features are not working that well. I get a 500 error very often and even when I go to my Activity... I guess it'll get better...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

For goodness sakes, people! Take an antihistamine tab every morning! I use over-the-counter loratadine and have minimal problems.

I've had severe asthma and allergies since age 5. I've gone thru 3 series of desensitization shots with not much help. I, too, an allergic to everything under the sun, and many foods too.

The only thing that helps me is the antihistamine. Loratadine, and several others, do not cross the blood barrier in the brain so do not cause drowsiness/jitteriness. I also use a steroid nasal spray which helps a LOT.

Gail D.

Georgine said... Best Blogger Tips

I like flonase. You don't have to use it all the time, you can use it symptomatically.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Tea with honey is helpful for a sore throat.

There's also Mucinex, which is over the counter and supposedly helps dry up drainage.

Other solutions would probably require a prescription, like one person mentioned Flonase. Along the same lines are Rhinocort and Veramyst. All prescriptions.

Katie@ Grow. Cook. Sew. said... Best Blogger Tips

I just finished!!
It was my first attempt at an adult size dress (I had only made things for my daughter until now)!

Check it out..

Thanks for the tutorial Kathleen, hope you feel better soon ..

Rhonda @ home.made. said... Best Blogger Tips

That turned out so beautiful - great job!

JuneBug said... Best Blogger Tips

We use a neti pot whenever post nasal drip becomes an issue. Also for really stuffed noses. It has helped for us.

Gillian said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute, cute dress! As a singer, I have to deal with sore throats a lot. The salt water gargle is supposed to kill bacteria but it will definitely leave your throat raw. You might try honey-lemon "tea" - a mixture of more or less equal parts honey and lemon juice (fresh is best but the bottled sort works just fine) - adjust proportions according to your own tastes. You can dilute it with water if this is too strong on its own. Heat it in the microwave and sip on it - it's wonderfully soothing; just a slight sting at first from the lemon and then it does wonders. Pineapple and its juice are great too, either cold or hot.

Banhannas said... Best Blogger Tips

The dress is beautiful, I still can't believe you make them by hand! You are an inspiration. =0D

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

A little bit late but finally finished! I've posted the picture in your Flickr group. I made a bad fabric choice (it's way too heavy) but it didn't turn out so bad in the end.

Thanks so much for the tutorial. Got me back to my machine and inspired to make things I think will be a bit hard but actually I can do with just a little bit of concentration!

Meredith said... Best Blogger Tips

Adding this frock by today to my list. And the allergies - every fall my seasonal allergies tip me off with a killer sore throat and I usually end up needing steroids to knock it out. Which reminds me...this is probably about 2-4 weeks away for me. :(

Echo said... Best Blogger Tips

My hubby is very susceptible to nasty viral throat infections and has found nothing gets rid of them other than time. He has found only one thing that helps with the pain, which was recommended by his doctor over all other general purpose over the counter medicines, and it really does work.

So, for us grown-ups, find a dissolveable asprin and dissolve a normal adult dose in at least a glass of water (its way too nasty tasting in less water) then for each mouthful gargle gargle gargle gargle before swallowing. Repeat till the glass is empty. Note - don't forget to follow the dose size and frequency directions on the asprin you use!

Hope this helps....

Taylor said... Best Blogger Tips

This dress is so cute! Off to download the pattern!

Red Hen (dette) said... Best Blogger Tips

Cute dress.
My daughter always gets ulsers in her throat when she gets run down. I don't know if you will be able to get it but olive leaf extract is fantastic for all sorts of things including sore throats, ulsers and cold sores, we can get olive leaf extract in liquid form from the chemist or health shops. You can get capsules to boost the imune system but the liquid can be used as a gargle or dabbed onto ulsers and coldsores. Hope you find a solution.

sb said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh Kathleen, it looks gorgeous! I know you're probably sick of getting this question all the time, but can you share what fabric you used and where you got it?

Tara said... Best Blogger Tips

Do you have any suggestions on hemming? I would prefer not have the raw edge exposed but I used a silky material and don't want the hem to be too bulky.

Ann said... Best Blogger Tips

post nasal drip, I get the same thing, for me it turns out its an allergy reaction.that when not treated actually turns into an infection. I get a prescription strength nasal spray. works wonders.
Maybe yours is just allergies too.
good luck.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

For your post nasal drip...Try some mucinex and/or some allergy meds. Usually works for me, but I think my nasal-issues are related to allergies. Hope it helps :D

Sonja said... Best Blogger Tips

I am going to try this dress. I have the perfect fabric I hope! Here is a picture of it from my flickr pool...

On the sore throat front try to take care of the post nasal drip (I have it to) using a netty pot. It flushes the sinus with salt water which takes care of it for me. Even better is it takes care of the sinus infections that I used to get. Its a very weird thing to try but I have found it to be life altering :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips


I've been using homeopathic remedies for several symptoms and one that might help you is called #1 Calc.Fluor.6X by Hyland's. I purchase all my supplements from They provide free shipping for orders over $40.00 and their prices are the best I've ever found online. You can read reviews of any products you are considering using. My favorite brands are NOW, Healthy Origins, Rainbow Light, Source Naturals and Nutribiotic. First time purchasers can get an additional $5.00 discount using the code WEJ303. The homeopathic remedies are best dissolved under the tongue to; you need only 4 pilltules for each dose. You can read more about this specific one on the iherb website. Hope this helps!!

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