Once Upon a Time....

July 19, 2010

Ok, this shop is just lovely. And her prices are sooooo really affordable. I'd love to wear on of her long pieces with a simple tank top and jeans and get a million compliments.

Tong, the sweet shop girl behind Once Upon a Time, lives on the sunny island of Singapore trying to eke out a living of what she likes to do in this competitive, saturated fashion market.

As she is running a one man show (not exactly OMS…. she credits her hubby for taking those spectacular pictures), she have limited capacity to create enough products of her own for sale. Therefore sge also sources for other items to be sold in her shop. All her handmade items are sold in Etsy.
Pertaining to her shop name, she doesn’t remember what sparked this idea, but just when she was brainstorming about a unique shop name, she decided that the creation of her accessories would revolve around stories…after all, she would like someone to buy something from her that holds meaning.

This is just her humble beginning… she doesn’t know where the road will lead her to, but she will do things as well as she can.

Visit her at her blog for all her up to date inspiration.

4 {comments}:

Atlanta said... Best Blogger Tips

How darling! I love those big flower necklaces!

Savannah O'Gwynn said... Best Blogger Tips

WOW--amazing amazing amazing!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Her pieces are so romantic and girly! No sticker shock on her prices too... =0D

Alison Gibbs said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh what delightful pieces
Love them

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