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July 25, 2010

The Sew Convert has been sew prolific! I'm sew jealous. And all her creations are sew darn cute! See top photo. It's a 50s inspired Sabrina Cape Dress. See entire post on her blog.
Little Treasures made a beautifully embroidered frock called the Syracuse dress named after the floral beauty of Syracuse. B4 the door made a sophisticated McCalls vintage 7003 circa 1963 frock. LOVE the neckline. I've seen detailing like this in very expensive boutique stores. If only more people knew how to sew they'd be spending far less on what they buy!
Finally, check out these cool repurposed shoes! Bandy Canyon takes an old pair of converse sneakers, cuts them up and makes another pattern out of the old shoes. 

O Sarah O! Makes an Anthropologie copy of a peterpan collared tee. Looks so spot on!

OH and a couple of you were interested in knowing how I can post some posts ONLY to my followers. If any more of you are interested just let me know and I'll try to write a tutorial. Though HTML code is such a tricky thing. Sometimes what works for one person doesn't work for another. I will say that eventually they show up on my 'older' posts and you can see them in my archives but they never show up on my front page. Pretty cool.

It wasn't easy. It's a trick with the 'labels' in blogger. It wasn't as easy as cutting and pasting an html code. There were several elements I had to change like hiding the posts without a certain label and then hiding the labels themselves. It will take me some time to retrace my steps but if enough of you are interested I'll give it a go.

4 {comments}: said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! Thanks Kathleen! Your blog is so awesome!

LKP said... Best Blogger Tips

would very much like to see a tutorial on that.

oh, and those repuposed/revamped converse ROCK! what a talent she has. =)

The Sew Convert said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks Kathleen, for highlighting my dress! I'm utterly flattered!

Maya Kuzman said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Kathleen for including my dress! Deeply honoured!

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