Frock by Fridays!™

June 5, 2010

A flood of fabulous Frock by Fridays™! I really love the color combinations of the middle frock!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more Flickr Favs.

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Isn't the mommy/daughter duo just the absolute cutest?!
I've already had the next Frock by Fridays™ in the works. I fell in love with a dress that Very Purple Person has made. It looks so flowy and summer inspired.

I was having difficulty finding a 'free pattern'. The Tara pattern that Very Purple Person had used is not free but it's only $2.50 from Burdastyle. It's a blouse but she turned it into a dress and I'm sure its very simple to do by just lengthening the bottom.

And not to be forgotten, MORE coffee dates! Love the alteration of the middle frock!
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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Here are some free patterns, two of which are nice casual summer dresses:

Sarah O. said... Best Blogger Tips

I've kinda been wanting to see that Tara pattern turned into a Maxi dress. I can't wait till the next Frock by Friday!

Hollyrolly said... Best Blogger Tips

Happy to pay $2.50 for a pattern, love the dress! Would be interested to see how you can adapt patterns, something I've wanted to do but not been brave enough to try!

Trudy said... Best Blogger Tips

They're all so amazing. Good job, Everyone. I look forward to the Frock Friday creations.


chieflotsahair said... Best Blogger Tips

I really like the new pattern, It will be a great summer dress for steamy Florida days!

Heather J. said... Best Blogger Tips

Any idea how much fabric will be needed for the Tara in different lengths? I'd like to get the supplies in so I'm ready to go! Are you planning to start this one tomorrow?

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

Love that pattern and glad to pay the 2.50 for that one...when are you going to start that week??? Looking so forward to it!!!! Can it be made with regular cotton do you think or do i need a jersey with some stretch??? thanks!! Jenn

Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

Those dresses are great! Makes me wish I had participated this time around ;-)

bttn said... Best Blogger Tips

I made the Tara last week and I can just recommend it, it is easy to sew and very feminine! I might sew an other one with you along.

jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

...when are you going to do another one of these? and do you know how often you are going to do them..once a month? looking forward to it

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