Frock by Friday Mistake

June 22, 2010

If you're in the middle of cutting STOP! I realized I made a mistake in the way I arranged the front pieces after I separated them for length. It is piece 3. Here is the new CORRECT way. I also posted the new picture on Monday's post and deleted the old one. I'm so sorry for this oversight. My only hope is that you have enough to recut. Unless you have matching image issues it won't make a big different if you cut in a different direction than you did before. I did overestimate the amount of fabric I told you to purchase, which I do for every project in case of this situation. Take what you have left over and fold in half then match the pieces the way I have them in Step 6.

If you don't have enough to cut on the fold you can cut two pieces and add a 3/8" to the line which would lay on the fold. Sew the two pieces right sides together. That's the way I did it for my dress but for striping reasons. Just iron the seam after you're done.

Again, please accept my apology.

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