Total Shoe ReDo Day 1: Paint

May 3, 2010

Materials: Old Shoes
Spray Primer (for glossy shoes only)
Spray Paint: Matte or Gloss, doesn't matter
Clear Coat Spray Paint
Paper Towels
Packing Tape
Razor Blade

1. Choose your shoes. I love flats. I got these at the great Sal Val for a buck. They were a flattering shape but unfortunately, the color was a little boring and outdated.

2. Stuff your shoes generously with paper towels so that the inside sides are hidden.

3. Tape any soles. Be sure that the tape is sealed at the seams.

4. Choose your paint. I had this awesome yellow sitting around the house but if I were to go out any buy something it would have probably been a light grass green. Any hardware store or craft store has a wide selection.

If your shoes are glossy I recommend spraying on a primer first.

5. Spray shoes. Gloss or matte is fine.

*Some Tips
Don't spray close to the shoes, it will cause dripping and an uneven finish.

Wait 15 minutes after you spray and once you can handle the shoes, turn them to the sides to get the spaces underneath.

6. Once everything is dry, spray on a clear coat of spray paint. I'd wait a couple hours before you do this. I didn't at first and the paint did this weird wrinkle thing.

7. Once dry, remove tape and towels.

8. If there are places where your paint got onto the sole just use a razor blade or simply use your fingernails and scrap it off. It should still be very slightly tacky at this point, enough to scrap the paint off the sole easily.

9. Let cure for at least 24 hours.

Tomorrow: Floral Baubles.

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18 {comments}:

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I NEVER would have thought of painting my shoes!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

This is great!!! I've been hunting for white shoes and can't find the style I want - here they were in my closet the whole time!!! Ugly brown, but a great style : ) I'm off to get white paint!!

MissMelanie said... Best Blogger Tips

I knew you could paint shoes but never knew how...thanks! I have some flats sitting around here in need of a redo in case I ever learned!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Any idea how this will wear?? Will it start cracking after a few trips around town? Any certain shoe fabric that shouldn't be painted?

Jo said... Best Blogger Tips

What fun yellow shoes!

Miss Pelicano said... Best Blogger Tips

YES! I love those yellow shoes! Super!

GuysGirlKnits said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm tempted to do this today but am going to wait to see the other days ideas!
Oh, and what if there is slight peeling of the finish on the shoes? Is there something I can do to resurface it at all?

Jana said... Best Blogger Tips

Yellow! You are... um....crazy.... and clever at the same time. Makes me want to go paint shoes. My family is going to think I'm losing it but this opens up so many options for thrift store shoes.

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Steph & sfw,
I don't know about painting a fabric shoe. The ones I used were a sort of vinyl. In the end I used a clear acrylic spray to help to keep it from cracking or peeling. I'll have to let you know how they held up:)

kristiyana shinta said... Best Blogger Tips

i can imagine you do it by your self,, how creative you are,,
i love them so


dana said... Best Blogger Tips

I was seriously dreaming about Yellow shoes and went to two stores yesterday searching for some. DUH.
You are brilliant.
Totally doing this

The Shaw Family said... Best Blogger Tips

Another great way to remove unwanted paint is to simply use baby wipes. Works like magic!
Love a good shoe redo!

dana said... Best Blogger Tips

kathleen what brand/color of spary paint did you use? I'm having a hard time finding the right yellow like you have. Everything seems too golden or too baby yellow.
- dana

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I I I .....don't know what to say. I always wanted to do this but never though it was possible...I'm so really happy now, really!!!!!!

mommy Orkid Belle said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the awesome idea. I did mine months ago, but I just now got to share it. hehehehe.. Mine still looks great eventhough I did not spray with polyurethane. :) Thanks again!

Adin B

VanClar said... Best Blogger Tips

I came up with that idea too
I just forgot about taping the heel eeek!
Still trying to figure out how to remove the paint

Keri Cleverly said... Best Blogger Tips


The tutorial on Total Shoe Re-do was fabulous!!!. What a fun and useful idea. I grabbed your article and posted it on my blog. I gave you full credit and linked your hopefully others will discover you, like I did.

Ilana said... Best Blogger Tips

i did this but i have the feeling i did something wrong :( the paint cracked in all the bending spots after my first walk in the them. If you wouldn't mind i'd love some advice if you have any to offer?

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