Shoe Redo: Red Ruffle Flat

May 18, 2010

These flats are just so 'flattering' for this rainy but green spring weather. I can't stop oogling them.

Fabric (enough to cover your shoes)
Mod Podge
10"x10" piece of red fabric
Brush for glue
Razor blade or exacto knife
Hot glue

Step 1: Removed the baubles from the shoes.

Step 2: Removed the vinyl bias tape. If you left it on it would be too bulky when you add your own bias tape.

Step 3: Follow steps 1-12 of last week's shoe redo

One thing I did differently was that I added pins at the place were the shoe meets so the sole so that the fabric would stick to the shoe.

Step 4: Make little ruffles. Cut one 6"x2" piece of red fabric and hem one end over 1/4" on three sides.

Then sew a long stitch across the bottom and gather.

Cut another 5"x1.5" piece of red fabric and hem one end over
1/4" on three sides.

Then sew a long stitch across the bottom and gather.

Step 5: Hot glue it to the tip of the shoe as shown in the picture to the left.

Step 6: Add a red bias tape trim as shown in step 13 of last week's shoe redo.

Step 7: Cover fabric with a coat of modpodge. And let dry.

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17 {comments}:

Valerie said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute! I do have some that could use a make-over :D

Dita Maulani said... Best Blogger Tips

this is really something to do on my weekends.

Rachael said... Best Blogger Tips

I love these, but have a question...did you mod podge the ruffle?

Casey said... Best Blogger Tips

This is amazing - I'd never even think to re-do shoes that way! :)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

No, I left it plain.

Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said... Best Blogger Tips

These are fabulous! I'll be featuring them on my blog - credit and linked back to you - on June 3rd!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Awesome! I thought we'd be seeing less of you once you had the baby but we're getting more than ever before! You are superhuman Kathleen! :)

WhenSheWasGood said... Best Blogger Tips

SO cute! Your series has me running to the thrift store for shoes to play with!

dana said... Best Blogger Tips

very cool kathleen. very cool

kristiyana shinta said... Best Blogger Tips

really want to do like that,,
that's awesome :)
love it

Charlotte said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! you make it look so easy!

ashley said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my gosh! So cute. Honestly, where do you come up with these things!?

alix said... Best Blogger Tips

You are a talented lady.....these are so crazy cool!


Jaimie said... Best Blogger Tips

Holy cow, those are the cutest shoes ever! I love the coloring and ruffles. Adorable!

DEEvona's diary said... Best Blogger Tips

tht's really great tutorial!! LOVE it.. :)
btw,do u mind if i put ur link on my blog? thx dear.. :D

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi! Could you share the name of that fabric? I really love it - not only for shoes, but wallpaper, pillows, Lord only knows what else. It's crisp & perfect!

Robin said... Best Blogger Tips

Those would be completely ruined in the rain or even dirt, right? Do you simply wear these "in the office"? Or only wear them once?

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