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May 30, 2010

Here are the first few Frock by Fridays™ posted on Grosgrain flickr! And I must say I LOVE the way them came out, the bright sunny yellow and the brown trimmed orange and blue (love that color combination). If you finish be sure to post on Grosgrain flickr and I will feature them on Grosgrain.
Yellow dress: C.Sumisu
Brown trimmed dress: animalactivist

Credits from left to right:
And look to the right, a Mohito Refashion Frock!
Photo Credits:
LOVE that dress in the middle! Said Lili, "My biggest problem with picking dresses is that I either look too matronly or too much like a teenager. I wanted something that was a blend of Anthropologie and Free People" I think it turned out to be quite a success.

And you know I'm a sucker for babies. Check out the cute little boy outfit that Sharon made for little brother's wedding.

Credits from left to right:

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Loving wife to Matthew and 2 amazing kids said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness theres my dress! Im so excited you posted it :) I love♥ all of dresses made!

Christie // lemon squeezy home said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful work everyone! Makes me excited for when I someday tackle those dresses. I have too much going on with my blog right now, but hopefully this summer!

Sharon said... Best Blogger Tips

cute dresses!! I'm loving how they turned out! And I'm a sucker for babies too, especially my baby Max:)

Becky said... Best Blogger Tips

Adorable. If I were a better seamstress I would have tried to make it into a maternity dress but alas, I am not that talented.
Great job to everyone who made it!

Ophelia.K said... Best Blogger Tips

I wondered why I got 10 more followers suddenly, and found out that you carried many new readers to my blog by featuring my dress.

Thank you so much again! I am very hornored!

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Kathleen,
I love all the dresses! And all the fabric choices.
But I love the fabric you used for your latest frock by Friday most. I didn't have time to sew along this time, and I won't have time to sew the next few weeks (exams, papers to hand in. ugh). But I want to make this dress one day, and I really really really want to make it in a fabric similar to yours. Fabric with a white background and a repeating pattern of flowers (in your colors, or in light red, pink or a warm light yellow). I'd prefer there to be no branches or leaves or other things to fill the space between the flowers, just like there are no such things on your fabric. I went to the fabric shop today. I didn't have time for it, but I just couldn't help it. And could find nothing like it. I don't have the money to buy fabric from spoonflower. Do you have any idea where I can buy something like your fabric online?
(If it would take time for you to find it, just tell me you don't know. I don't want you to go through any trouble for me!)

You are so sweet to organize these sew alongs. I've looked at the instructions that come with the pattern for this frock by friday, and I don't think I would be able to sew it without any help!
So, thank you!

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Actually the fabric I used wasn't from Spoonflower. I bought it at JoAnn's. The next time I go there I will try to find the sku number for you.

just chic said... Best Blogger Tips

wow, I feel so honored you liked my turquoise skirt and on top of this you featured it on your blog. thank you! :)

becca said... Best Blogger Tips

those are great! Inspired me to finish mine up and post it! thanks for doing Frocks by Fridays - I just started sewing this Christmas when I received a sewing machine, and I've been eating up all of these great tutorials - only venturing to start making dresses since I found your beautiful site and helpful information! Keep it up - please!

- becca

Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you for telling me where you bought the fabric. Of course I didn't want you to go through the trouble of finding the sku number for me. So I went to the JoAnn's website myself, I found the fabric you used. It was no longer available. This disappointed me at first. But it turns out JoAnn's doesn't ship internationally and I'm not in the US so I wouldn't have been able to buy it anyway.
I know the name of the fabric now, so, I'm going to try to find it somewhere else. I've already searched a bit, and haven't been able to find it. But hopefully I will later, fingers crossed!

Anyway, thank you!

kimmie said... Best Blogger Tips

These are all so lovely!

I'm so excited for the next frock by friday :) I found your blog late and I'm still working on my coffee date dress, but I'm looking forward to finishing on time next time around! :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm still hard at work on mine. Though it's hard going coz I'm still learning, it's great fun and I'm happy to get inspiration from you and the others here. thanks so, so much for doing this! Especially, thanks for the instructions about the pocket. I couldn't have figured it out on my own.

E-Mama said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi there Kathleen
I have been following your Frock by Friday's for a few weeks now and I am so impressed. This dress (the "shirt" dress) has been my favorite so far (I'm a nursing mother and this seems like a dress I could still feed my babe while wearing) I didnt get a chance to follow you this time but If I do get around to making it I think I will use this fabric
Its from my Etsy store. If you take a look and see anything you like I would love to give you a discount.
Thanks for doing what you do!

lili ash said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, thanks for mentioning my dress- I don't think I would have attempted to make something and then wear it out if it weren't for your inspiring creations.

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