Sew Supportive: Meet Art Nest

April 22, 2010

There are so many fellow bloggers/crafters out there who I wish lived in my town. Susannah is one of those people.

A self taught seamstress, painter, block print maker...and of course blogger, Susannah
writes about her daily crafting and musings on sewing, simple living, thrifting and motherhood on her blog- Art Nest. She also finds time to create for Art Nest, her quaint little shop with the original pincushion ring! So bright and yummy I wish they were edible.
Keep sewing notions at your fingertips (literally) with an Art Nest pincushion ring! If you don't sew, wear as a hip accessory! Made using wool felt, favorite fabrics, and an adjustable silver plated, lead free ring base. Fits most sizes.

Every item in Art Nest Shop has been handmade in Susannah's home studio. She is a stickler for quality so rest assured that each piece has been lovingly crafted to (her view of) perfection!

Enter promo code GROSGRAIN at checkout and receive 20% off your entire purchase.

Aside from her online shop, she and her mother run an eatery in their quirky southern town, she has also recently received a scholarship into nursing school (bravo!), and writes a monthly column for Try Handmade. She is committed to learn from every season of her life.

Art Nest's Blog is a place to celebrate her pursuit to live simply, work hard, and find everyday beauty. Please visit Susannah there and be sure to check out some of her free tutorials!

4 {comments}:

Jana said... Best Blogger Tips

Her rings are to die for! What a scrumptious idea. I think they are perfect even without any pins.

Susannah @ Art Nest said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks better than I could have imagined - Thank you from the bottom of my Art Nest heart~

a blonde and a brunette said... Best Blogger Tips

Susannah DOES live in my town and she's amazingly talented!!!

Artfulife said... Best Blogger Tips

Zana is like a sister to me (my daughters aunt). Not only is she the hardest working person I know, she is super talented & a wonderful mom. I love visiting her blog often.

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