No Pattern 'Quick and Dirty' Boppy Cover Tutorial

April 21, 2010

I wanted to make a new boppy for Brian's parents house so we didn't have to haul it along every time we visited. And although I know there are probably, literally, a thousand tutorials out there for boppies, I thought I'd show you how I made mine- quick and easy, without a pattern. Quick and dirty you might say. With so much on one's plate, sometimes its quick or nothing.

And I wanted an excuse to break out the camera and take some photos of a very cute little baby who always looks very disgruntled.


Fabric the width and length of your boppy x2
18" zipper in coordinating color of fabric
(optional) 3 yards of ricrac or piping

Step: 1

Fold two pieces of fabric in half and lay them on top of each other.

Step 2:

Lay half of the boppy on the fold of the two fabrics and trace with a marker. Add an inch around your tracing and cut out fabric.

Step 3:

Make two Xs at the top rounded edge of the boppy 18 inches apart.

Step 4:

Sew the two pieces of fabric, right sides together. Start at one X and stop at the other X. If you like, sew piping or ricrac between the two pieces of fabric.

Step 5:

If you are sewing piping or ricrac, when you get to the second Xs, keep sewing the ricrac to either the top or bottom layer until you reach the beginning of the piping or ricrac at the first X. DO NOT SEW TOP AND BOTTOM LAYER BETWEEN THE TWO Xs.

Step 6:

Sew your 18" zipper between the two Xs. If it helps position your zipper with pins. If you are comfortable simply position as you sew.

Be sure to position the zipper so that the zipper pull is in between the right sides. See the photo to the left for reference.

From the wrong side of the garment, place the open zipper
face down over the seam allowances, aligning the edges to the seam allowance edge.

Sew the zipper to the seam allowance, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, and taking care not to catch fabric from the boppy body.

Turn right side out and cover boppy. It should be snug and a little difficult to fit in. You want it to be tight since your baby will likely be lying it from time to time. And just to add, you shouldn't let your baby fall asleep in a boppy.


And enjoy:)

I just had a cute idea I wish I would have thought of before I started. Do something like this (to left) but add a dragon's eyes and nostrils to one end. It will look like a dragon but be a boppy!

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Katie said... Best Blogger Tips

You have time to do your nails?!
Superwoman :)

Heather said... Best Blogger Tips

I don't know why I always thought making a Boppy cover would be so hard, and there you go making it look SO EASY. Love it! A And I am so loving your fabric choice too.

Casey said... Best Blogger Tips

love the dragon idea! or a snake would be cool too!

Ruhammie said... Best Blogger Tips

Your tutorials are so great! I love the idea at the end, for a dragon!! That would be so fun for a little boy. Mine's too big now...maybe for a baby shower gift. Thanks for sharing!

monica said... Best Blogger Tips

Very cool cover and great job explaining it!

Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

I love "quick and dirty" anything!

and I too, noticed your lovely nails :)

Anne L said... Best Blogger Tips

It sure is pretty - but I don't get it. As far as I can see, you don'tr make boppy, you just make a cover for one? Where did the white boppy come from?

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for all the nail props! My moms group got together on Tuesday night to do manicure and pedicures. Otherwise, they'd probably be looking snaggly as usual:)

Grosgrain said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry this is just the cover tutorial. I added the word cover to the title for clarification.

Kim said... Best Blogger Tips

You knew I was planning on making one of these this weekend, right? Funny how sometimes things just pop up when you need them! Awesome tutorial and the baby is sooo cute. I had planned to use piping for my edges, but I'm loving the rick rack!! Just curious about one thing.. you cut the fabric 1 inch larger than your traced Boppy shape (we're good, so far), but what seam allowance did you use when putting the 2 sides together..1/2 ...1/4?

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the red flower fabric you used for the boppy cover, where did you get it or what is it called? I'd love to get some to make some pillows for my couch. Thanks for the boppy cover tutorial also, I'm going to make one of those too to cover my old raggedy one from my last three babies.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

She is so absolutely adorable!

Myshell said... Best Blogger Tips

very cool...I think I'll have to snazz mine up now before my little Finn is born!

J. said... Best Blogger Tips

The picture of your daughter is amazing! My baby went through a "disgruntled" phase as well, and it's adorable.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh this is sooo cute and I love your little baby's dress - did you make that yourself too?

Sami V. said... Best Blogger Tips

Love this tutorial, planning on making cover for my "naked" boppy tomorrow. Also I cannot get over that babe, she is so cute and disgruntled, I just want to snuggle her so bad!! Great model choice, pic always makes me smile.

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