Let me Share a Little Secret....

February 15, 2010

Here's a great site I visit everyday. I often pull ideas from it to post on Grosgrain. It is updated constantly.

CraftGossip covers news written by craft people telling you about all the good stuff. They scour the net looking for the best craft ideas and projects and review them for you.

Check out this free zipper pouch pattern.

They have divided their blog into many sub-blogs, covering topics ranging from knitting, crochet, bath and body, jewelry making, scrapbooking, MY FAVORITE sewing crafts, recycled crafts, needlework, edible crafts, indie crafts, stamping, lesson plans, glass art, quilting, polymer clay and felting.

Each of these sub-blogs is managed by its own dedicated editor, so you know that you are getting personalized attention.

Check out how to make your own personal candy hearts.

Check out this tutorial on fabric dying.

Check out this inventive card table tent!

And if you come across a new crafty idea, gossip or story that you think their readers should know about, or perhaps you would like to tell the whole world about your Etsy shop, or your own online store or website then tell the editors about it!

6 {comments}:

boatx2 said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for this.
What an incredible resource. I specialize in sewing crafts and it can be so hard to find that information buried in the knitting dedicated internets.


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Ohhhh that's an awesome site! My to do list is going to go through the roof! Thanks :D

Anna said... Best Blogger Tips

i love craft gossip. Anne is amazing! I get their daily emails and it's a great way to find blogs

E said... Best Blogger Tips

Never heard of this one before...can't wait to explore today!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm familiar with the site but don't frequent it regularly. Perhaps I'll have to go back for another look!

horra!horra! said... Best Blogger Tips

i just found your blog and i have to say 'It's fabulous!!!'

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