Sweet and Sentimental.

January 27, 2010

I've definitely been into keepsakes lately. Probably something to do with just having a baby:) If you too long for personalized adornments take a peak at Julian & CO.

This locket below is my favorite from their collection. It's a nice reminder when you are away from your baby.

After wearing many hats on her work path including an executive and cafe owner, Tania Condon and husband, Tony were eager to start a family. She soon became pregnant, but at just 29 weeks along, their excitement was interrupted when her water broke and she went into preterm labor.

Their son Julian was born at 3lbs 4oz and 11 weeks early. The long days and nights at the NICU were spent loving, holding and watching our Julian fight for his life and become stronger. Six weeks later their miracle was able to come home.

Tony bought a bracelet at a baby boutique and had it personalized with Julian’s name. But when they went to put it on, it was much too big. She didn’t want to wait for him to grow into it, so she set out to design and make a sterling silver id bracelet for Julian.

Eventually she became an expert at precious metals, using tools, even soldering and the first piece to their JULIAN & Co. line was born.

But her inspiration didn’t stop there - filled with joy to finally have Julian home, she wanted to celebrate his life every moment of the day. She handcrafted sterling silver disc pendants adorned with Julian’s own hand and feet prints. She added his name and his birth date, and Tony and Tania wear them on leather cords.

They have received so many compliments on Julian’s tiny albeit stylish bracelet and their necklaces. Orders from family and friends poured in and the business seemed to grow overnight.

Since then Tania has always loved fashion, jewelry and creating. The entire JULIAN & Co. line is heirloom quality.

And until February 7th, enjoy 20% when you use coupon code: JULIANSALE at checkout.

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ChickieChirps said... Best Blogger Tips

Very sweet! I like the dog tags style necklace at the end.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

That is the most gorgeous locket ever!

Marianna said... Best Blogger Tips

Love these! Gorgeous!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

This is lovely work.

When my brothers and I were little my Nonnie bought us all ID tags. My older brother and I got ones that were dog tag style and my younger brother got a little bracelet. I still have my necklace (thirty years later) and just found my brother's bracelet in some of my parents things...he'll get it back when he visits next week.

Jersey Boys Tickets Discount said... Best Blogger Tips

yah its really very cute infact ilove it too, lolz

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