Nursing Cover DIY

January 7, 2010

Speaking of nesting, I still have not gotten my hands on a nursing cover. I saw this tutorial from Prudent Baby and might try it out later if I can find the time. It would definitely come into good use!

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Trillium Fairy said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow! I just made one of these yesterday. I wish I had had this tutorial to work from. It was much clearer than the ones I was using. Thanks for posting this. I'm sure I'll be making another...

Katerina said... Best Blogger Tips

I just made this yesterday. And this was the tutorial I used. It was super easy to follow. I would say the total project took under an hour to make.

Nancy said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter loved the ones I made her. I used darker fabric so you couldn't see through it...

Gene said... Best Blogger Tips

I think I will be needing this. With my daughter turning one soon and getting bigger and still breastfeeding, a receiving blanket doesn't cover that much anymore.

A Little Diddy said... Best Blogger Tips

Made one once and then never used it. Seems my little ones are to nosey to be covered up. They just keep tugging at it and swatting at it till I take it off. Never mind my modesty, right.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

It's so interesting. I live in Sweden, and here, this cover would surely turn more heads than any exposed bodyparts when nursing... I like the look of the cover, though, kid of like an apron...

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