Sew Liberated Book Review

December 21, 2009

I wanted to include this with the giveaway but due to postal service overhauls I am writing this now. As I mentioned last week, Grosgrain is giving away a Sew Liberated: 20 Stylish Projects for the Modern Sewist to one lucky Grosgrain reader!

In case you haven't heard of this book and wanted to get to know it a little more I am here to help.

At first glance the photos caught my eye. So many times I see craft books with boring, badly lit photographs. But the ones in Meg's book are flattering, colorful and shown in real settings. It makes you excited to turn each page.

Meg includes 20 crafts that you can make yourself and are explained in great detail. What's really neat is that the patterns for these projects are included in a little packet glued to the back page of the book. No printing or rulers needed:)

The book has many applique techniques. I especially liked the reverse applique
technique- sewing the applique behind the fabric and cutting it out. I don't think I would have thought to do that.

Meg's intro was a good read. It let me get to know her as a person and not just an author. She seems like someone I would have a lot to talk about with.

Her list of equipment, tools and supplies was also a nice touch. I'm always interested in seeing what other crafters consider to be their staples. Many times, I'm introduced to new useful tools that I am eager to try out for myself.

There were tons of great ideas for moms including a baby sling carrier and painting apron. I will have to attempt some of these. I'm really liking the diaper bag pattern and the baby's first book pattern (I wish I had a photo for that one. It's quite lovely:)

If you want to keep up to date with Meg check out her blog: Sew Liberated. From her book and her blog she seems like a person I would love to have as a neighbor:)

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Gene said... Best Blogger Tips

From her book and her blog she seems like a person I would love to have as a neighbor:)

I agree. I've been following her blog even before I've heard about this giveaway. I find amazing how she juggles everything even with a cute kid. I think my baby girl is a few months older that her boy.

nicoleslack said... Best Blogger Tips

I love her blog. She is so creative. And her son is such a cutie!

Lyd said... Best Blogger Tips

I linked!

Aleta said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome! thanks so much

Rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

This looks super cute. I love sewing, and I love having new cute things!

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

That is really very nice collection form India market and I appreciate it for their good work and preparation for Christmas alike of the Diwali.

dsi r4

PumpkinFreckles said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice review. I adore her blog and apron patterns.

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