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December 23, 2009

Five years ago when I was pregnant with Lily and planning her nursery, I had very specific ideas. I wanted a red room with white beadboarding. I wanted to sew her bedding because there are very few red options for baby bumpers and quilts.

I wanted a tiny rosebud print and nothing was going to substitute for that. Of course, I couldn't find anything of the sort. If only there were Karma Kraft.

Karma Kraft can print any design you create on the fabric of your choice. Their goal is to offer you a design opportunity unlike any you have known before. To see how it all works start here.

There is no need to know how to use Photoshop or other computer systems to bring your design to life. Karma Kraft can prepare your images for you for a fee of $10.00/color plus the normal cost of printing.

Of course they welcome professional designers to upload their own designs for printing as well.

They make it easy and fun for you to design and print your own fabric and give you a variety of fabric bases to choose from such as cotton, linen silk and more with no minimums.

You may have seen KarmaKraft's custom stocking idea featured in Martha Stewart Living.

They invite you to take advantage of their cut and sew services by providing them with your required size and letting us make your pillow, pet bed, scarf, tablecloth or personal apparel item for you.

See some of the products here. If the product you would like to make is not on their Web site, let them know what you would like and they will cut and sew it for you.

Simply send them a picture of the product with the measurements and they will make it. Prices may vary depending on the complexity.

See some of their users amazing creations in the flickr's karmakraft pool.
And check out Karma Kraft's Fab Favs and vote for your favorite one. There are some pretty creative people out there!

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Ana said... Best Blogger Tips

That's awesome!!! I'm going to try this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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