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December 13, 2009

Little Pearl Girl always has the best clothes and photos.

Her sewing always looks so careful and neat.

And her daughter is just the perfect model:)

I've featured her on Grosgrain before and if you like her little dresses too, you can check out her etsy shop.

This little red head looks stylish enough for a j.crew catalog. I love her matching bunched up scarf.

The jacket looks tailored enough for an adult.

Photo from flickr user Naomi in Spain.

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I usually choose 2 or 3 recent photos and post to Flickr Favs on the weekend. If you have a blog also listed with your flickr group I will try to link to that instead of your flickr name.

1 {comments}:

Naomi Smith said... Best Blogger Tips

oh my! that IS a cute redhead!
thanks for your kind words, and, of course, for inspiring us all so sew a little more!

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