Countdown to Christmas with Candy!!!!

December 3, 2009

Lily's grandmother gave her an advent calendar to use at her house. She was so excited to tell me about the little doors that you can punch out and the little pieces of chocolate inside.

It reminded me of the ones my mother used to buy for me. I always looked forward to them. And I remember Christmas day always held the largest, creamiest chocolate of them all. It was always difficult for me to restrain myself from opening more than one on each day.

I wanted to get something like that for Lily to have at our house but I couldn't find anything close. However, I did find this cute sewing project from All Sorts for the advent calendar deprived, like myself.

Jenny filled each felt envelope with Ghiradelli Peppermint bark chocolate. Mmmmm.....But I would fill each with a different kind of peppermint or chocolate candy to surprise the babies.

I think Lily and Molly would go gaga for this idea. Hang over a mantle or along a staircase! But if you hang it over the mantle be sure to not light a fire. Otherwise you'll have some really icky envelopes.

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Hashi said... Best Blogger Tips

I made this advent calendar, but instead of putting chocolate in the envelopes, I wrote Christmas activities on the back of each of the dangles.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

This is one of my favorites. I love this one as well -

Thank you for sharing. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic

jennie said... Best Blogger Tips

We have a felt snowman with tiny pocket for each date. Which was perfect for 1 child. Now we are up to 3 and the one pictured here would be perfect! I mix it up with candy, clues to hidden treats and promises for cookie baking and crafting. So fun!

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

We use an advent calendar that my dad's Granny made for him and his brother (my uncle). Anyways, throughout the years we have been putting all our names on it and each day that goes by it has a pocket with an ornament in it of one of our names on it, or just an ornament. Well, the ornaments have safety pins on it and the advent calendar has a big tree felt cut out and we safety pin the ornaments to it each day till Christmas! It's really fun to do it too!


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