What I am Thankful For

November 27, 2009

My Grosgrain readers.

I wish I could have pictured each and every one of my fabulous subscribers.

I can't thank you all enough for your support and enthusiasm.
I know that this had started out as mostly a hobby but it has turned into much more.

I've often received comments from people in my life asking me why I put so much time into the blog. I can only say that it fulfills me the way a rewarding career provides a goal and purpose outside of the family (although having my family involved with the blog makes it even better).

Even though it pains me a little to say goodbye to each beloved piece I sew, I receive so much more in return from all of you.

All your support with the Shabby Apple contest has given me a feeling neither money nor retail therapy can equal.

Win or lose, reading your positive comments and recognizing your faces at Shabby Apple motivates me to keep my ideas flowing and hands sewing.
(And by the way I realize you are all probably sick of hearing about the contest and seeing multiple ads. I promise that after the contest ends on midnight this Monday I will promptly take them down.)

Sometimes I wish I could make enough dresses for every one that enters my contests.
I always feel guilty when I can't give a popular frock to each and every faithful contestant. Obviously I wouldn't be able to do this without your encouragement. Perhaps someday I can find a way to share my designs with all the people who enjoy them.

Thank you all!

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Emily said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooh! Thanks! My picture's even on there! Partly because of your blog, I thought I'd create a blog of my sewing projects, too (only on a waaay smaller scale and different type of sewing). Thank you! It's been fun! http://howtodresslikeapioneer.blogspot.com/

M said... Best Blogger Tips

You´re inspiring :) Be sure of it!

I´ve studied English many years ago and I´ve forgotten so many words ... that´s why I feel shy and I don´t make comments more often.

But I can tell you ... go on! You´re great!

humble cub & sippy cup said... Best Blogger Tips

i can't sew a stitch, but i love reading your blog. the pictures are so inspiring! if i ever have a daughter i hope to dress her in one of your pieces! so cute!

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