November 30, 2009

Well, it's finally come down to it.

Tonight is the LAST DAY of the Shabby Apple Dare to Design contest.

If you hadn't voted yet and like my design, or are a fan of Grosgrain please stop by and vote for #7. The Lawn Frock. Click here to vote!

I would be quite grateful!

Here's a quick recap of the dress:
The dress is designed for spring. I imagined wearing this dress when attending a lunch with friends or on Sunday service or farmer's market stroll.

The color, obviously reminded me of spring. The way grass looks when first sprouting from the ground, all bright and noticeable.

I really loved the design of the collar. It bears a V-neck trim that attaches to a tiny gathered portion of the front bodice. Then I ruffle pleated a piece of matching fabric and added on top of the collar. I then added a white piping trimmed piece to keep the two in place. The sleeves are tiny and capped just right for warm spring weather.

The skirt was rather interesting. It is pleated the entire way around the body. The top of the pleats are finished with a rolled white hem and are not sewn at the tops but rather at the middle giving the look of a skirt but the piece is attached.

The white waistband cinches the pieces together creating a nice flattering A-line waist and skirt. The pleats reach all the way to the bottom of the dress which falls to the knee. Very A-line, very flirty, very feminine.

7 {comments}:

Jennifer said... Best Blogger Tips

I voted for you! This dress is amazing (as is all of your work). Thanks for linking to my tutorial!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Done! Hope you win! :D

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope you win. The dress is awesome! I love the bright color choice.

Myshell said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!

Lucy said... Best Blogger Tips

I just looked at all of the votes and it looks like you are majorly in the lead. yay!!!!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I voted and I am hoping you win. I would love the opportunity to purchase it!

KElly said... Best Blogger Tips

Good luck!

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