DIY Felt Slippers

November 21, 2009

Now that the cool season is here what better gift to give than some warm homemade slippers for mom or sis.

I really liked the extra decorative touches in the ones featured.

Grosgrain Tip: When constructing the bottom, try sandwiching a piece of foam between the felt and another type of furry material.

Here's a great link to some finished ones by Petite Pleat.

Check out the tutorial here.

3 {comments}:

Monica said... Best Blogger Tips

Those are very cute! That is an absolutely great idea! I should try that!

Teresa @ good-grace said... Best Blogger Tips

LOVE this! I had felted a bunch of wool awhile ago - and I'd been waiting for *just* the right project. This looks like it's it! Thank you!!

Karin van Dam said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great idea. I always have cold feel and could really use some nice slippers.

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