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June 23, 2009

With summer pretty much here, my trips to the drug store have definitely increased. Tanning lotion, bronzers, spf foundation, self-tanners, etc. If you want to get your lotions and potions online instead of driving down to the drug store, Skin Care Rx is a great place to look.

One unique feature about their company is that they employ several Master Estheticians that are available to help their online customers select the right product for their specific skin needs via phone five days a week, twelve hours a day.

Other helpful tips are also available including this week's article which applies to self-tanners, a topic that always leaves me hungery for more information. Which ones are streaky? Which ones are orange? How much is too much?

You can shop by skin type, brand or condition of your skin.

Skin Care Rx carries many beauty brands such as: Obagi, Jane Iredale, and Clarisonic. They are also determined to give you the highest quality products at a competitive price. In fact, They're so confident in their prices, that they're willing to offer a 115% price-match guarantee to keep you shopping with them.

Skin Care Rx also offers free shipping over orders of $49.

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zees5 said... Best Blogger Tips

That MaMa lotion looks like a good one to try (:

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