Twilight Tide Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! CLOSED.

March 27, 2009

opera house Since my last pettiskirt giveaway had such an amazing response I decided to make another one to give away. Who knows, this could become a regular thing!

This time I made a black skirt. I chose black because I had a couple commenters tell me that they
strangely wanted black. My first instinct was to, ugh, no way. Then I thought about it some more and looked at few photos of the black skirts and found myself strangely liking them too!

Besides the fact that they are a deviation from the normal pettiskirt hues, I think they look GREAT paired with BRIGHT rainbow colors to offset the dark tone. Which is why I chose these pieces to couple with the skirt.

The boots were the perfect touch. I bought them at Target for $16.99. The rainbow stockings were borrowed from a Rainbow Brite halloween costume. I bought the tank top at Walmart for only $3. That deal was so good I bought one in every color and the jacket was a gift from a friend who worked at The Children's Place.

opera house
Here's a little's actually for Molly but I thought it looked like a cool cropped jacket for Lily. It seemed to fit her shoulder width which is the most important part. I don't think you should feel trapped by label sizes with children's clothing, especially skirts. Sometimes, cropped looks better!

opera houseI had originally wanted to photograph Lily stomping in a deep puddle during a rainstorm and yesterday would have been the perfect day. BUT FOR, the fact that it is still pretty cold here when the sun is hiding. So that was out of the question. I'll have to save that idea for a nice hot summer evening. You know, the sort of rain and heat that makes steam rise from the pavement. God I miss summer.

Oh I almost forgot, I bought the umbrella at Urban Outfitters. You might not be able to tell from the photos but it is one of those umbrellas that have a bell shape so less rain can fly in your face. Not only is it fashionable BUT FUNCTIONAL!

Later, Lily and I went to Rita's Italian Ice and bought some chocolate custard. Speaking of Rita's did any of you pay them a visit for their 'first day of spring' free ice day? I'm sure some of you might have a chain where you live. I did, and found it to be quite impractical.

opera houseWell, as usual the first day of spring was freezing. So what did we do? We all huddled in ridiculously long lines, in light jackets and sipped on warm, toasty, ICE!

And then, did we at least gather indoors to eat our reward? No. Because Rita's doesn't have an 'indoors'. All of this was under the guise of 'free'.

opera houseAnd in case you all are scolding me for complaining about something that is 'free'. I have to forewarn you that Lily (and myself) don't really like Italian ice and ordered custard instead which of course, was

But on behalf of those of you who didn't mind the cold, enjoy Italian ice and all complimentary things, I have to thank Rita's for their generosity:)

Oh, and in case some of you attempted to recreate the instructions I linked to in the last pettiskirt post and were frustrated I have your solution....

As I mentioned in the last post, Kaiya Eve's instructions were not very thorough, left out a lot of details and (I forgot to mention) were only for an 18-month old. If you found these things out the hard way, I can truly empathize! But a fellow blogger and pettiskirt maker, Kerri Krueger has created a very thorough tutorial to recreate a boutique-style pettiskirt in sizes 3 months thru 12 years. She sells them through her site. You can purchase it here. Then get out your sewing machine and make a hundred for just the cost of material!

opera houseIf you're on the fence about purchasing the tutorial, keep in mind that it includes some good tips that will shorten the time it takes you to make a pettiskirt as well as improve the quality. And that is priceless!

Kerri also answers all questions about the the tutorial within 24 hours.

Be sure to look for lots of new giveaways next week. Brian is wrapped up in his fantasy baseball league all weekend so I will have some time to myself to sew, sew, sew.

Oh and by the way, I named this the twilight tide pettiskirt because, to me, not only does the ruffle fluff at the bottom look like the spray on ocean tides but it feels soft and foamy to the touch.

Last day for posts is Wednesday 4/08/09. Winner will be announced Friday!

opera houseAs usual, if you would like a chance to win this pettiskirt just link back to this post. If you have any questions see the "questions and answers" link to the right. If you use blogger just use the "create a link" link at the bottom of this post. If you don't use blogger, that's fine too. Just create a link on your page as you normally would and I will see it using Technorati.

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Mamie said... Best Blogger Tips

ok so i found out about these recently and I am in love with them!! They are so expensive everywhere I have looked and ofcourse my husband isn't okay with me buying one over 40 dollars! So I thought I would make one and boy I should not try... hahaha Yours is so darling!

Susie said... Best Blogger Tips

this is so freaking cute love your stuff.

Twall82 said... Best Blogger Tips

I linked ya

Cher said... Best Blogger Tips

That so lovely. Great ensemble choice. I have 4 little girls--6, 4, 2 and 7 months. I'd get at least a few little girls worth of wear out of this. They all ADORE skirts and girlie anything!--Cher

The Elliotts said... Best Blogger Tips

So stinking cute!! Linked on my site:

Katherine said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter goes to ballet class once a week, this would be so adorable for her to wear to dance class.

Cherry Blossoms said... Best Blogger Tips

I put a link on my blog! Its is adorable! My little girl would look SO cute in this!

CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I want to win one for my daughter So bad! I wish I could sew!

RobertBowenSmith at hotmail dot com

Born2impress said... Best Blogger Tips

I love it !
There are a lot of colors you can combine with that black skirt!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my this would be perfect for my daughters Ballet class, The cutest thing EVER!!!! the are just Sooo cute :)
Jennifer Burton

Kaycee said... Best Blogger Tips

Linked on my Gimme 50 blog! LOVE this! My daughter would be so fab in it!

kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

erin said... Best Blogger Tips

fun! thanks for sharing your talents!

Breezy said... Best Blogger Tips

My daughter would love this. All she wants to wear everyday is a twirly, and the bigger the twirl the better. I have also added the link to my blog

Ginny said... Best Blogger Tips

I've been wanting a pettiskirt for my dd so badly!

carol anne said... Best Blogger Tips

So adorable!

carol anne said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh -- I hope it is ok that I posted your link to my Facebook page... I linked you on my blog.

Taylor Aplanalp said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it:) Would look great on all three of my girls!!
Stacey Aplanalp

Taylor Aplanalp said... Best Blogger Tips

Love it:) Would look great on all three of my girls!!
Stacey Aplanalp

Tania McCartney said... Best Blogger Tips

Just had to comment on this colour combo - fabulous!

Siri Fjørtoft, kaBoks said... Best Blogger Tips

I so want one of those for my self... But I guess they are not ment for 27years old girls living on a farm? Do you think it would be possible to alter the pattern you used so that it would fit adults? (I am abseloutly not asking you to do that!! )


cnydalynn said... Best Blogger Tips

I won this giveaway and I am a nut and haven't contacted you... well I sent you an e-mail today. Can I still claim it or am I too late? I am so sorry and understand if you have it to someone else. Life got a little crazy and I didn't have computer time.

Thanks so much. Stephanie from Dancy Doodle.

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