October 24, 2008

reversible bird seed skirtI must admit, I was OVERWHELMED by the response Grosgrain has gotten over the past couple days. I was so thrilled that so many people loved the Marie Therese gown. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed it. I read each and every one of the comments and emails. I was floating on air at my MOPS 'Moms Night Out' and couldn't help but tell all my family members to check it out. The work was DEFINITELY worth the reward thanks to all of you!

I know that the last post is a tough act to follow, but I'm here today to announce something else that I am so
nervous and excited about. Oh, my heart is accelerating just typing this. You all have left me such wonderful comments and suggestions, so I've decided to try my hand at one of them. Grosgrain will be opening an online store. Just a few pieces. If things go well, I might try to add a couple more things depending on how much time I will have available. You will be able to find the link to the store here on the front page of this blog November 6th....barring any setbacks.

reversible bird seed skirt

And don't worry, I'll always be offering giveaways regardless of how the store does. It's how this blog began and I don't want to change anything about that. I'll just be busy, busy, busy.

Thankfully for you, I will not be sewing these pieces. Of course, they are Grosgrain designs but I am leaving the stitching to a local clothing manufacturing company whose handiwork will by far surpass mine.

You can see a preview of what I will be offering here in this post! These are not the exact pieces that will be offered in the store but rather the prototypes that I have sewn. Those who have been with Grosgrain for a couple months might recognize it as the reversible bird seed skirt! Now ALSO in blue, red and the original green. To celebrate the upcoming opening, this giveaway will include ALL THREE REVERSIBLE SKIRTS as well as ALL THREE OF THE REVERSIBLE SHIRTS! That could be twelve outfits!

reversible bird seed skirt

For those of you new to the blog, the skirt is perfect for those walks in the park. What little girl doesn't love to feed the ducks? But how many times has she been ill-prepared when encountering a flock? With this sweet skirt she can carry a handful of seeds in her pocket just in case she meets a group of hungry geese or pigeons on the street.

reversible bird seed skirt

When I saw this Alexander Henry print I immediately asked for a yard. After seeing
the print of the large bird feeding on the seeds, the wheels in my head started spinning. I wanted to make a skirt with a tiny pocket on the side, large enough to carry a handful of birdseed.

As you can see, the reverse side is a complementary solid color with a bird print pocket.

Let me tell you about the shirts. They are thermal long john material and better still, REVERSIBLE TOO! One s
ide compliments the bird print the other side compliments the solid color. Or vice versa. One outfit put together could equal four! Neat. I hope you like:)

Oh yes! One more thing! If the winning blog leaves a comment I will include the matching red, green and brown socks. NEW ONES, of course, still attached to the store cardboard. Not the yucky leaf covered ones Lily is wearing:)

reversible bird seed skirt

Official opening will hopefully occur in two weeks. All of the items you see here will be offered in the store in various sizes and colors
. The skirts and shirts offered in this giveaway should fit a 2T-4T.

Last day for posts is Wednesday 10/29/08. Winner will be announced Friday morning!

And be sure to stop by again. I'll be posting more costumes and giveaways in the days and weeks to come! And don't worry, I'll always be offering giveaways regardless of how the store does. It's how this blog began and I don't want to change anything about that. I'll just be busy, busy, busy.

reversible bird seed skirt

As usual, if you would like a chanc
e to win these outfits just link back to this post. If you have any questions see the "questions and answers" link to the right. If you use blogger just use the "create a link" link at the bottom of this post. If you don't use blogger, that's fine too. Just create a link on your page as you normally would and I will see it using Technorati.

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Kimonos and Sushi(OLD BLOG) said... Best Blogger Tips

Congrats on the new online store.

Ylana said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh how exciting!! Not long now until we find out which lucky person has won this amazingly generous giveaway!! (401 comments! There are going to be a lot of sad little girls i think lol)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

These are so sweet. I wish I had a blog so that I could participate.

Kirie said... Best Blogger Tips

Great idea! Your store will be a wonderful success. Looking forward to seeing more.

caligirl said... Best Blogger Tips

I just found your lovely blog and it is bookmarked for sure. I'm crazy about the skirt with the Alexander Henry bird print. It's fabulous !

Wendy said... Best Blogger Tips

I see you have not picked a winner yet so I am adding my comment in hopes of winning. Those skirts and shirts are just TOO cute. I LOVE THEM!!

Jace said... Best Blogger Tips

I think your clothes are awesome and your generosity very inspiring. I love looking at all the great pictures. GOOD LUCK with your new store. Oh, and I blogged about your wonderful blog here. :-)

Ylana said... Best Blogger Tips

You sure are keeping us in suspense! My guess is because you dont want everyone to get upset when they realise that I won HAHAHAHA!

No, ust kidding, i bet you were very busy with Halloween :)

Oh and i am curious, what is the largest number of entrants you have had for one of your giveaways?? Is this one the biggest?

Ivy Shaffer said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi, I just came across your site last week and have a brand new blog! So I AM HOPING YOU GET LOT'S OF PEOPLE COMING YOUR WAY. I know I'm late posting, but my little girl has issues with me on the computer (so does my hubby, dog, etc), so I'll attach a tag to your site, because I definitely want to come back and purchase one of your unique designs.
A good friend and I are looking for clothes that are different and these skirts are soooooo adorable.

hugs from NJ


Shari said... Best Blogger Tips

You are a VERY talented women. Good luck with your new store!

ness said... Best Blogger Tips

I wish I had your skills...

5dollarFanatic said... Best Blogger Tips

hey Kathleen-my e-mail address is please write to me and let me know if you got my address that I posted earlier on your website-I won the wandering waif outfit and haven't heard from you for a while-which is soo understandable with your new store and all. Hopefully I will hear from you soon and I know that you store will be a huge success.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations on your store I'm sure it will do great. All your stuff is gorgeous.

Sondra said... Best Blogger Tips

I adore that sweet little face the little one is making in the red outfit! She's too cute!!

Lenna said... Best Blogger Tips

Congratulations! We have two and a half! girls who will love twirling in these fantastic skirts!

pumpkinhaus said... Best Blogger Tips

These are the sweetest little skirts!

Steph said... Best Blogger Tips

Soooo cute! And congrats on the store, I'm sure it will be a smashing success!

Cheilita said... Best Blogger Tips

i tried to comment before but i think it didn't go through---Long's PARK? Am i right?!!! If you live in the Lanc. I'm going to get very excited.

Ritch in Love said... Best Blogger Tips

I'd be very interested in knowing the range of sizes u will have in your store! My daughter is growing...too fast....

Mama Voss said... Best Blogger Tips

Those skirts and shirts are perfect! I can not wait for your store to open... even better if I win them!

Christina said... Best Blogger Tips

Hooray! Congrats on your new venture!!!!

Jenny (GuppyLovesShark) said... Best Blogger Tips

Ah, I missed this one! Such adorable outfits! Good luck and best wishes for the store <3

"Blossom" said... Best Blogger Tips

I can't just see my grandaughter dancing around in these little skirts. So adorable.
Keep me posted on the store.
And please enter me in the drawing.

Jones said... Best Blogger Tips

I am new to your blog and designs, but I am extremely happy for your upcoming store...I'm sure you'll do great with it! Someone as talented and passionate as you will always succeed!

good luck to you.

Jen said... Best Blogger Tips

What a lovely collection! I made a skirt somewhat like your- it became reversible kinda on accident! Now I am inspired to do more.

I will be working on the link to your stuff!

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