Get Free Frocks for at LEAST One Month!

September 17, 2018

WANT FREE CLOTHES FOR AT LEAST ONE MONTH? I haven't spent a lick on clothes this entire summer and yet I always had a cute new outfit to wear when going out or meeting friends for lunch or coffee.
For the summer I decided to give Gwynnie Bee a try. And I have to say I LOVE it. You can try it for FREE too! If you use my link below you can get one free month PLUS $10 off the next month if you decide to continue the service.

These are just a handful of the outfits I wore this summer. Some other ones I forgot to take a photo of when I wore them. But I was happy with almost every single one I was given.
So here's the deets and my advice about the service....
It's basically a clothing rental service. But unlike the other competitors out there YOU get to pick what you receive AND you have unlimited returns all month which means if you try their one month free trial you can get about 8-10 outfits before you have to start paying or you could quit the service and simply get one month of free clothes. If you refer a friend you get $25 off your next month.
You might have heard of Gwynnie Bee before and know it as exclusively for plus sized women but they have since expanded their selections to accomdate 0-12 as well! So all gals can enjoy what they have to offer!
There are various payment tiers to choose from. Their most popular is the two at a time plan. This means you choose at least eight items and they will send you two of those. When you decide you're done with them you can send them back and get two more items. The shipping is totally free both ways. To expedite receiving new items, on the app, you can immediately let Gwynnie Bee know that you're returning your items once you receive them and they'll send you your new outfits before they receive the old ones.
But if you want more or less than two at a time you can upgrade your plan to as many as 10 items a month. 
One month free? What do you have to loose? If you decide not to continue the service just remember to cancel about 5 days before your first billing cycle to be safe and you won't incur any fees. Alternatively you could simply downgrade your subscription to the one item a month plan for $49. You'll also get a $10 credit towards your first month if you use my link so your first month will only be $40 if you downgrade. But there are other ways to lower that monthly fee.
There are other ways to save on monthly costs. First you can earn points that get you $5, $10 and $15 discounts per month. Here are a few ways to earn points.
Also, you can pay for an extra garment upfront for 3, 6 or 12 months. They call it an "item upgrade". Basically you are just paying for your subscription in advance. So for instance. Instead of paying $69 a month for two items. You could pay for a garment upgrade a year up front for $120. You have to at least keep the $49 a month for one item plan. But when you do that math that ads up to only $59 a month for two items instead of $69.
Furthermore, if you wanted to borrow 5 items at a time it would normally be $139 a month but if you did the upgrade option 4 times you would only be paying $100 a month. However, you would have to pay the majority of that up front. It would be $480 up front and then $50 a month. But for one year you'd have 5 items to borrow at a time for one year.
If you have any questions feel free to leave me a question in the comments below!

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