Clear Glitter Slime (3 Easy Ingredients, NO Borax)

November 20, 2016

It is a stay-in kind of day so Lily and I made some CLEAR homemade slime with household supplies that we had on hand. Only clear Elmer's glue (PVA glue works too), saline solution and baking soda. NO BORAX!

The secret is using saline solution. It contains boric acid. And since both Brian and I wear contacts we had more than enough. Also laundry detergent works. If you don't have clear Elmer's glue you can get a bottle at Walmart for less than a $1. Or you can use regular Elmer's glue and add food coloring for non-clear slime.

We used this tutorial but found that it didn't quite work for us. However after two batches and a few tweeks we realized the problem. Perhaps it's because I buy cheap saline solution but the amount of saline needed to be doubled to 2 ounces instead of 1. And we used half a teaspoon of baking soda which was a little more than what they recommended.
The real take home point is if your slime doesn't separate from its water you need to add more saline solution. But don't add too much or else your slime won't be stretchy. It's a fine line. Another point is that after one day the slime wasn't as stretchy so maybe leave it a little sticky on the first day and it will be at its ideal consistency within 12 hours.

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